Aug 31, 2023
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How Attitude makes our life easy

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Jena Malone about being happy in distress

Learn to be happy both in hard times as well as in good times. This is the single most important wisdom to follow in your life. If we cultivate the behavior of laughing, it will eventually become our attitude. This is the basis of the Laughter therapy.

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If we could all just laugh at ourselves in hard times or good times, it would be an incredible world.

Author: Jena Malone

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How Attitude helps to ease our Life

Attitude act as heuristics and helps us in making choices. It helps us to reduce the information overload that we experience every day and helps us to make decision making. Think of selecting your attire from 10 sets of shirts, pants, shoe, socks, belts, innerwear, etc. There are a million combinations to choose from and decide if we do not have like or dislike on objects. Attitude helps us simplify our life. By having the particular food preference, the choice of restaurants becomes manageable to decide to plan for eating out. Attitude makes the judgment easier and faster.

Intuition and Gut Feeling

When we encounter something new, we make rapid unconscious judgments fast called as a gut feeling. Few examples are choosing the candidate in an interview and selecting bride in few minutes in some traditions. Malcolm Gladwell Book Blink deals with this.

Attitude helps us mainly in four aspects of our life.

Acquire Knowledge (Frame of mind to learn)

The first one is helping us to acquire knowledge. We try to minimize penalty and maximize reward. If we have a positive attitude about a particular player, we would gather a lot of information about them and will more likely to remember many of their matches and performances about them.

Express Values ( Establishing an identity with values)

Attitudes are the reason we choose to belong to certain groups. We express our values by exhibiting a similar behavior of people who show same values. We try to establish an identity by exhibiting similar behaviors of the group. When we exhibit the behaviors long enough, it becomes an attitude and finally becomes our personality. One is inclined to view people and groups holding similar attitudes more favorably than others.

Control Ego ( Self defensive Mechanism )

We all know that accidents happen and that we could also suffer from it. It is a frightening thought. Our ego tries to spare this fear by developing an attitude which believes that road accident victims are careless drivers. This attitude makes us feel relatively safe when we drive on the road.

Utilitarian (Practical Usage than attractive)

Attitudes sensitize and create an affinity towards objects that are rewarding to us. Superiority attitude which stems from feelings of inferiority attitude are examples of this. The objects which cause discomfort are avoided. These are basically survival related. Stimuli that are initially neutral can be modified by pairing with objects that generate a positive or negative reaction. For example, consumer products sold by pairing with emotionally arousing sounds and smells.

Daniel Katz says that attitudes are mostly determined by the extent in which it helps the person to achieve their goals. When attitudes no longer serve its purpose for the individual, the attitude begins to change. Attitude can be modified when the underlying motive of the need changes. Your attitude of the car changes when it becomes old and when your salary increases as your old car does not reflect your status.

We develop favorable attitudes towards things that aid or reward us. We want to maximize rewards and minimize penalties. Katz says we develop attitudes that help us meet this goal. We favor political parties that will advance our economy a lot - if we are in business, we favor the party that will keep our taxes low, if unemployed we favor one that will increase social welfare benefits. We are more likely to change our attitudes if doing so allows us to fulfill our goals or avoid undesirable consequences. Read more at

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