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Too many people miss silver lining because they are looking for gold

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Too many people miss silver lining Quote Meaning

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Too many people miss silver lining because they are looking for gold.

Author : Maurice Setter

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The attitude of a person determines the way they behave with people as well as things. If people attach importance to gold, they are going to miss the silver lying on the road. Too many people miss silver lining because they are looking for gold.

How is attitude formed?

There are a lot of recent studies on how attitude is formed in people for places, things, and other people. There are three major factors which help in the formation of attitude which are the personal experience, social factors and learned behavior. Classical conditioning with reward and punishment are the primary techniques used by our parents, advertisers and media to form an attitude about what they sell. Attitudes are formed based on our prior experiences and cumulative perspective and values of the things and people we encounter in our day to day life.

about.comHow advertisers influence our attitude

Attitudes are learned in many ways. Advertisers use technique called classical conditioning in order to influence our attitude toward their product. When you see young and beautiful people on a tropical beach having fun and enjoying a drink, it causes positive association of the beverage with the enjoyment. read more at psychology.about.com


Attitudes are learned from society, and this is why children do not show social discrimination. People learn new behavior through observational learning and from the social factors in their environment. If people observe positive outcome in the observed behavior, they are more likely to imitate or adopt that behavior themselves. Check out how my 4-year-old learns grammar using the same technique.


Theories of Attitude Formation

There are Four categories of attitude formation theories. They are

  • Consistency theories: Every individual need to be inconsistent with their attitude and behavior.
  • Learning theories: Classical conditioning with reward and punishment is the basis of these ideas.
  • Social judgment theories: Emphasizes the importance of prior attitudes while learning new attitude
  • Functional approaches: Knowing how attitude helps us in our life such as knowledge, ego defensive, value expression and utilitarian motivates to form new attitudes or changes our attitude towards the object.

Simonson’s (1977) study of dissonance theory principles demonstrated consistent results. In this study, cognitive dissonance theory (Festinger, 1957) assumptions, were used in a formal program to improve attitude of the student towards the learning activity. read more at aect.org

Do we form attitudes based on our genes?

Though it is widely accepted by people that genetic factors have a role to play in influencing our physical characteristics such as height and color, it ‘s hard for people to accept that the genes also affect our attitudes. There is growing evidence to support the fact that genetic factors play a vital role in attitudes.

Most of these experiments involve comparing identical and non-identical twins. Identical twins share the same genetic inheritance while non-identical twins do not. The tests revealed that there are higher correlations between the attitudes of the identical twins compared to the nonidentical twins.

Study of Twins - Are attitudes inherited via genes

Kery Lang and James Olson conducted attitude formation study with 195 pairs of monozygotic twins and 141 pairs of same-sex dizygotic twins. They analyzed 30 attitude items in the survey and identified nine attitude factors yielded significant heritability coefficients. Read more at apa.org. Image Source: pixabay.com

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