The two things important for achieving success


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Ability and Attitude Quote

For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.

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Attitude is equally as important as ability Quote Meaning

The two things important for success is knowledge and attitude. If you have the right attitude, you will be intelligent and listen to wisdom. In this article, let us explore the components of attitude and multiple types of intelligence.

The current society focuses more on the ability than the attitude. This may lead to temporary success but not permanent. This quote is misattributed to Walter Scott but written by Harry F. Banks.

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For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.

Author: Harry F. Banks

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Elements of Attitude - ABC Model

Some just understand attitudes as an emotional assessment of objects whereas few highlight the importance of predisposition to negative or positive action towards an evaluated object; and the psychologists classify it as Affect, Cognition, and Behavior. In simpler terms, it is feeling, thinking and behavior

It has been found that the evaluation of being positive or negative occurs even before the mind categorizes it, which means we have a gut feeling about the object even before we identify it. It has been found out that humans have stronger negative evaluations than positive evaluations. It is the reason we are sensitive to pain and danger as it enhances the chances of survival than happiness and safety.

Affect (Emotion or Feeling)

The emotional reaction to the object in question. The feeling component of the attitude is called as Affect. The extent to which we like or dislike an object describes the affect component of the attitude. For example, we may not like certain types of food such as oysters. All objects in this world sparked some emotions of some kind which is either positive or negative. Example: I am scared of cockroaches.

Feeling which is initially neutral can be modified by pairing the object with another object that generates the positive or negative reaction. Consumer products are sold by pairing emotionally arousing sounds, smells, etc.

Behavior (Action)

Behavior represents the way attitude influences us to act, react or behave. Example: I Scream If I see cockroaches.

Cognition ( Thinking )

Knowledge about the object and our beliefs and past experiences about the object influence our attitude. Example: I believe that cockroaches, when touched, produce itching.

Affect, Behavior & Cognition -

study.comEvery attitude has three components, A for affective, B for behavioral, and C for cognitive. Every attitude may not have all these three components, some attitudes are based on only one component.

In other words, each component can also be the answer to the question: where does an attitude come from? There are affectively-based attitudes, behaviorally-based attitudes, and cognitively-based attitudes. study.comread more at

The common misconception is that these three components, Affect, Behavior and Cognition are consistent with every object. But it is not the case always. For example Smoking gives me pleasure is the affect component, whereas Smoking causes cancer is the cognition component. Because of this conflict between feeling and thinking, we smoke instead of sticking to the behavior of not smoking.

Elements of Ability

Dr. Howard Gardner (Harvard University) says that multiple intelligence defines the ability of a person. The Intelligent Quotient of IQ is not sufficient to measure the ability of the person. He identified eight intelligence which accounts human potential to define the ability.

The Theory of Multiple Inintelligence


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