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The number one factor which influences how well you perform a job

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Does Attitude determine Behavior

Though there is a relationship between attitude and behavior, it is not a healthy relationship. Behavior determines not all our attitudes, and the attitude determines not all our behaviors. There is a common misconception that attitude of a person could be easily inferred from their conduct.

Make sure that your motivation levels are high, if not procrastination will eat away the time and your ability to do the task is of no use. Even though you might have the ability and are motivated to perform some task, it is your attitude which determines how perfect you perform that task.

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Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Author: Lou Holtz

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Our attitude does not determine all our behaviors

Attitudes do not always predict the behavior. There are a lot of other variables which needs to be taken into consideration such as features of the attitude and the strength of the opinion before we can calculate the likelihood of a person behaving based on their view. It explains why many of us hold certain attitudes, but do not always exhibit them in our behavior. Many individuals who were asked about their opinion on gratitude, agreed that they should volunteer little of their time to help others. But when they are asked the activity they did in the last three months, only quarter of them had done something about it, and the rest did not perform any action. Only a handful reported that they spent, at least, one hour in a week to help others.

Roper polling organization conducted a poll which asked Americans about their attitude about pollution. A Whopping 92% of people believed that pollution is a serious threat to the country, only a few did anything beyond segregating bottles and cans while throwing the garbage.

Lapierre took two of his Chinese friends and visited many hotels, tourist homes, and restaurants. Out of few hundred places, only one did not take them in. After six months, LaPiere sent out a letter to all the hotels and restaurants he visited and asked them whether they would accept any Chinese guests. To his surprise, more than 90% of the replies he got were negative, and rest responded that it would depend on the various circumstances. Out of the 200 places he visited, only one hotel replied that they would take in Chinese guests.

Further studies have confirmed LaPiere’s findings and later found that only 9 percent of our behavior can be predicted by our attitudes (Wicker 1969). If attitudes do not predict behavior then perhaps the concept of the attitude is not of such great use after all. Fishbein and Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior states that behavior cannot be predicted by attitude alone. They say that it can be predicted in following cases

  1. Particular attitude: Certain attitudes are very specific while others are general. Preference to toothpaste and cruelty against animals are examples of specific and vague attitudes. The cruelty against animals may not motivate you to exhibit any behavior that aims at prevention of cruelty. General attitudes have a weak link to behavior.
  2. Interest or Motivation Level: Anything one is concerned with his life has a lot of significance in deciding the response. Students have motivation in job-related matters than aged people.
  3. Availability or Recall: Anything that comes to mind immediately has greater influence over behavior than those that are not easily recallable. Advertisers use this technique to brainwash people by displaying their advertisement frequently.

Specific attitudes and Strong attitudes are personally relevant attitudes which are more available and direct us to exhibit a consistent behavior. Interest leads to more availability and recall of the attitude strengthens the attitude and influences the behavior. It gets further strengthened if the direct experience is involved. Each of the above three are interrelated, and one increases the strength of the other. All these jointly enhance the attitude-behavior relation.

The power of the intention determines whether or not the behavior is exhibited consistently. According to Fishbein and Ajzen, three factors influence intention to act which are

  • One’s attitude
  • One’s belief about how others will evaluate his behavior
  • Difficulty in performing the act.

Source: Read Full Paper on Which Behaviors Do Attitudes Predict? Meta-Analyzing the Effects of Social Pressure and Perceived Difficulty.

Attitudes which are formed via direct experience have been found to predict better the behavior than attitudes developed through indirect experience. It is the reason we should learn by doing a thing not just be reading.

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