People love animals but why are they still non-vegetarians

There are many people who love animals but have you thought why are they still non-vegetarians. How sure are you that the animal rights activists won’t eat non-vegetarian food? For a life to survive, it must

Levels of Consciousness

Think of a situation where you are relaxed in your living room on a comfortable sofa. You open a book to read. After reading few sentences, your mind starts wandering about something you just read

Are you enjoying the freedom consciously?

The commencement speeches contain pearls of wisdom which is not only a useful piece of advice for the students graduating but for others as well. I love to listen to these speeches because many of them

Why are you taking selfish advantage of circumstances?

On a weekend, I stumbled upon an interesting article which discussed a physicist idea about the origin of life. When I decided to dig a little deeper about the origin of life and evolution, I

How to Decide Your better half in few minutes of meeting

One of the important skill requirement for the 21st century is decision-making skill. Decision making is not only necessary for your career but also determines your personal life path. How often do you make decisions based

Why are Children more creative than Adults?

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In a couple of my blog posts, I had described some of the innovative ideas presented by children. We seem to know instinctively that children are more creative than adults! I am sure you have

Innovation by Kids - Test to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

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In the recent times, I have been astounded by the technological innovations by kids; ranging from virtual reality to mobile apps. However, last week I was in for a surprise! I read the news about

Great Innovation by kids - Torch

Recently one of my colleagues shared a link to the innovative ideas presented by the kids in the IGNITE competition. It is an annual national competition to harness the creative spirit of school children and find

Which is important Creative or Critical thinking?

Is creative and critical thinking opposite ends of the same spectrum? Creative thinking is associated with words such as the ‘aha! moment’, ‘magical’, ‘can not be taught’, ‘groundbreaking ideas’. Critical thinking involves identifying issues, understanding

Teaching Thinking Skills In Schools

Are we teaching thinking skills in Schools? Before answering the above question, let first think what is being taught in schools. During Primary and Secondary education, importance is given mostly to Arts and Science. Science

Critical Thinking In Problem Solving Process

We Think Critically throughout the day Humans are addicted to thinking. Our thought process fuels our emotions and desires. The thinking process starts from the time we wake up and up until we are deep