Angry Quotes you will be punished by your anger


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Angry Quotes about Punishment

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.

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You will not be punished for your anger Quote Meaning:

If you get angry at somebody, your angry is not just going to punish the other person. Your anger is going to punish yourself more than it does to others. Anger is the number one self-destructive emotion.

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You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger

Author: Buddha

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Social Anger and its effects:

Everybody would have experienced the fury and flames of their anger. Not all those who experienced anger are seeking to know how to overcome it. They are many people who are capable of rationalizing their anger and would go any extent to justify it, both to themselves and to others. These people think that the whole world is dependent on their anger. It is also intellectually fashionable to say that angry is not a virtue at the individual level but at the society level, it becomes a commendable virtue. The leaders of underprivileged sections of the society such as unorganized labor, student unions, etc. deliberately use anger as a strategy for action. They operate with ‘Do it or face the consequences’ model. They consider anger to be a kind of masculine virtue and wear it as a badge of leadership.

The Oxford dictionary defines anger as ‘extreme displeasure’. We meet anger at home, office, social gatherings, in streets, election booths, playground and most frequently within ourselves.

Anger causes more harm to oneself than to others. As anger issues out of man’s nature, it is a natural and a forceful emotion, with great destructive potential. As in every piece, there is the hidden potential of fire, so that is hidden angry in every human being. Anger is contagious. Words ignited by anger can use anger in others. Soothing words are the water hydrants need when anger is inflamed.

1.Anger is the destructive of everything they seek to achieve in life

2.Anger which has been called temporary madness if not overcome can become permanent insanity. It can set the house on fire and reduce everything to ashes.

3.To overcome anger, we shall have to change our personality, by restructuring or reorganizing our given nature.

When a man thinks too much about an object, he starts feeling an attachment to it. Attachments slowly give rise to desire and denial to pursue the desire breeds anger. From anger comes confusion which leads to failure of memory. This failure of memory leads to slow death of the person.

There are three gateways which lead to the ruin of the self- lust, anger and greed.

Unless you name your enemy as your enemy, you can neither knock it out nor have the will and enthusiasm for the battle. Our modern tendency is to temporize. He who does not call anger as man’s enemy is sabotaging himself.

When anger has its way and succeeds in bearing its fruits by way of exciting a man to inflict insult and injury on other, it at once destroys the angry man’s virtue, good name, and wealth.

How could anger, which is apt to cause so much harm here and hereafter, find any place in the minds of worthy people? This process of thinking is one of the best ways of overcoming anger.

Marcus Aurelius writes in his Meditation, ‘When you are angry above measure, think within yourself, how momentary is man’s life. Let us think how much more grievous are the consequences of our anger than the acts which arouse it.

Epictetus says that when you are angry, be assured that it is not only a present evil but you have also augmented a habit and added fuel to the fire. If you desire not to be an angry temper, then do not fuel the addiction. Be quiet at first, and treat yourself on those days in which you have not been angry. And if you miss being angry for as long as thirty days, offer grateful thanks to yourself.

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