Oct 31, 2023
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Angry is One letter short of danger

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Anger is just one letter short of danger Quote Meaning:

If you get angry, you get close to the danger. To stay away from danger, make sure you know how to control your anger. Anger does not give unhappiness to people around you, it hurts you too badly.

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Anger is just one letter short of danger.

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Story about Monkey’s anger

On a mango tree in a jungle, there lived a lot of birds. They lived with content in their compact nests. They thought that individual nests may not be enough for the coming rainy season. Before the onset of the rainy season, all of the animals on the jungle repaired their houses. The birds also made one big nest that is more safe so that they can escape from the rain. A lot of birds brought twigs and leaves and other individuals wove the huge nests. “

We must also collect some meals for our young children,” chirped a bird. And they collected meals, till they had sufficient to cross the rainy season. They kept themselves busy preparing for the challenging coming season. Quickly the rains came. Thunder and lighting followed it. All the birds stayed in the huge nest so that all of them can be protected from the rain. It rained heavily for many days.

One day, a monkey came wet to the forest and sat near the tree. He sat on a branch, shivering with cold, water dripping from its body drop by drop. The poor monkey tried to get a shelter, but in vain he couldn’t uncover any other location apart from the tree where the birds lived. The leaves were small and was not adequate to save him from the rains.
The birds have been watching all this. They felt sorry for the monkey, but there was nothing they could do for him. One of the bird told the monkey, “Brother! If you could come under our nest, it is possible to keep away from the rain.”
Monkey came under their nest and escaped the rain. Another bird laughed at the monkey and told that, “All of us ready for the rainy season. In case you had, you’d not be in this piteous circumstance.”
Monkey got angry and told “How dare you to laugh at me?”, Growling towards the bird. The monkey angrily pounced around the bird’s nest, tore it and threw it all on the ground. The bird and her chicks have been helpless.
He then told in angry that “all of you don’t have the nest to hide in the rain?”. The birds told monkey that “it is because of your angry…all of us had lost the shelter including you”. Monkey then realized its madness because of its angry. Angry not just spoils others happiness, it spoils yours too.

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