Anger issues and its evil effects

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Anger dwells in fools Quote

Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.

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Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools Quote Meaning

Only fools often get angry at every situation in their life. Having a relationship with an angry person will lead to problem irrespective of whether you agree or disagree with an angry person. So it is better to stay away from them. Eyes of angry people if filled with revenge and disappointment and they dump it on anyone who comes before them as become fool when they are angry.

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Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.

Author: Albert Einstein

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Evil Effects of anger:

The evil effects of anger are innumerable. The first thing which happens to the person who gets angry is that he forget the wisdom he experienced and learned in his life. It happens because he loses control over his thoughts and emotions. He becomes over-active with a highly charged ego as his only guide. He loses his power of discrimination and becomes aggressive to bury his welfare. When anger becomes a person’s nature, physical health and mental calmness and inner peace vanishes.

Anger can destroy friendships, families, business partnerships, professional prospects, communal riots, murders, wars, suicides, and many other forms of crime are products of anger. In fact, anger makes even a handsome person look ugly.

Doctors have to take care of both physical and mental health of the patients. The help the doctors render would be all the more effective when they treat their patients with affection. Plato had suggested long ago that physicians have to take care of both physical and mental dimensions of their patients.

It is necessary for a doctor to know things like the socio-economic background of the patient, his beliefs and childhood experiences. After evaluating them, the doctor should explain clearly the harmful effects of any negative emotions that patient may unconsciously harbour on his body and mind. At the same time, he must also suggest ways to replace them by constructive emotions. This is the complete treatment, known as adequate psychotherapy. But it is time-consuming. It requires about twenty hours to provide this kind of treatment to a single patient. Even in advanced countries like America, where a doctor on average treats about twenty-three patients per day, this kind of therapy is not available to everybody, as it requires time and dedication.

Fear, anger and worries are the direct cause of many diseases. The following list of illness indicates their percentage.

  • Neck Pain 75%
  • Swelling in throat 90%
  • Peptic Ulcers 50%
  • Gallbladder pain 50%
  • Gastritis 99%
  • Feeling of dizziness 80%
  • Headaches 80%
  • Constipation 70%
  • Fatigue and tiredness 90%

Negative emotions generate harmful chemicals. Most people are unaware of this and do not try to control their emotions. That is why they suffer again and again. When we are angry, we knit our brows and eyes become red, and voice becomes harsh. These are the signs we observe, but physiologists will tell us why these physical manifestations occur. The blood pressure rises. The heart rate shoots up to two hundred and twenty per minute. These changes persist till we are calm again. Anger affects our physical health. It may lead to the rupture of blood vessels in the brain or heart failure, either of which may be fatal. It is impossible for anyone to remain angry or sorrowful for a long time. Either emotion, if they persist, may lead to irreversible damage. The human body cannot endure the harmful impact of these emotions for long. Some people do not express anger or humiliation but endure them with a smile. However, these emotions may work upon the subconscious mind. These people may secretly nurse their resentment towards those who have caused them hurt and insult. This silent harbouring of anger and hatred is equally harmful.

Some pain, suffering, tension, etc. is experienced by everybody in life. An average man does possess some strength to face them. In these days of advanced scientific discoveries, we have hundreds of devices to save our energy and time. In these days of speed, it is difficult to expect the kind of patience and peace of mind the people had hundred of years ago. But it is advisable for us to remember the patience of our ancestors. If we remember it, we may find it easier to control the excessive haste and stress in our life. The human body can adjust itself to its environment. For example, the people who live in the vicinity of an airport are initially disturbed by the noise of aeroplanes landing and taking off. However after some time, they get so used to the noise that they can sleep well in spite of it. But some irritations still do persist. City dwellers often have to wait for hours to get into a bus. They often lose their patience while waiting in the queue. When a pedestrian moves from the pavement onto the road, drivers of speeding care get angry. Hot discussions and arguments with colleagues sometimes, rob us our peace of mind. Differences of opinion with wife and children often lead to domestic conflict. The human mind is not a machine. It cannot be fully free from emotions and feelings. But man practises self-control when he realizes the harmful effects of anger and hatred. If man conquers himself, he learns to adjust himself to the world. Even to forget one’s injuries becomes a blessing.

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