Quotation Submission Guidelines

Do you have Quotations which are not covered in Brain Quotes?. You can contribute it to Brain Quotes by registering yourself as one of the authors of Brain Quotes. You can get a backlink from your author profile as well as one relevant article link to your website from the quotation page.

You can submit quotes to Brain Quotes after registering as a contributor. If you are not already registered as a contributor, you can do so by writing an email to contribute(AT)brainquotes.org Following guidelines should be followed while writing a Quotation Post.

Quotation Post Guidelines

1. Select Category “Brain Quotes.”

2. The title of the Post should contain first few words of the quotation. Make sure that the title does not exceed 70 characters.

3. Select the appropriate Category the Quote belongs to. If the category is not available, check the closest category from the categories.

4.Do not specify any tags.

5. Find the best image using google image search by searching the quotation text. Select “Usage rights” as “Labelled for reuse” in the search. You can also use images from flickr, pixabay, etc but make sure that the images is not licenced. Add the image URL to ‘

6.Don’t fill Writer and Book Field

7.Write an explanation of the quote in the Post Content. The explanation should contain a minimum of three sentences.

8.Write any other variation of the quotation you find on the internet inside the Post Content.

9.If there are relevant videos in Youtube, embed them in the Post content.

10. Only one external link is allowed inside the Post(could be your website URL, if there is relevant content).

Quotation Image Guidelines

If you draw image quote, follow the guidelines below.

1. Image Size is 600px X 400px

2. Always use images from Flickr (public license) / Google Image Search, which is labeled for reuse.

3. The image should be compressed .jpg format (File size should not exceed 50Kb).

4. Image file name should contain first few words of the quotation along with keyword “Quotes” as the suffix. Let’s say your quotation is “A coward dies thousand times before he dies,” then the image file name should be “A-coward-dies-thousand-times-before-he-dies-quotes.jpg

5. Refer existing quote pictures of Brain Quotes to understand the template to be used while creating the images.

Quote Body Format (Follow the same formatting as given below)

<First 6-8 words of Quote> Quote Meaning

<Three line explanation or meaning of the quote>

Main Topic: <category name>

Related Topics: <comma separated list of other categories and keywords in the quote>

<Quotation Text>

Author: <author name>

Source: <Source of the Quotation. Could be Book Name, Movie Name, Newspaper title, etc)

Quotation Reference:

<link to the source of the quotation>

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