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Have more than you show Quote Meaning There is no point in taking too much and doing less. Also, there is no point in having little and exaggerate it by talking big about it. Main Topic: Communication Quotes Related Topics: Wisdom, Speak, Less, Show, Know

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Main Topic: Angry Quotes Related Topics: Rage, Strike, Wish, BestMen in rage strike those that wish them bestAuthor: William ShakespeareSource: Othello: Act 2, Scene 3Quotation Reference: http://shakespeare.mit.edu/othello/othello.2.3.html

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  1. This quote is from the famous “To be or not to be” speech from Hamlet. Unfortunately, taken out of context. Even aside from academic contraversy just in the context of modern meanings of the words in the quote it makes sense. No need to go further.

    “Conscience” in the sense of the little voice in your head telling you what the right thing to do just means just what it says.

    “doth” is usually rewritten as “does”, which makes perfect sense.

    “make cowards of us all” I take this to mean prevents us from taking action. In other words, Hamlet is accusing himself of being a coward for not taking action “against the sea of troubles”. Specifically not doing the honorable thing and punishing his Uncle Claudious for Claudious’ actions; Killing his brother and taking over the crown and Queen. Each of these actions are mortal sins and deserving of death according to the Old Testament. So Hamlet is asking himself why he is hesitant to kill his Uncle or punish him in any way as he should according to the societal dictates of the time.

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