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Grief Quotes

One joy scatters a hundred griefs Quote Meaning If you get back into joy mood, you will be able to forget your grief and be able to forgive people on whom you have a grudge to revenge. Main Topic : Hundred Griefs Quotes Related Topics

Word Spoken in Anger Quote

Short Chinese Proverb

Fastest horse can catch a word Quote Meaning: Spoken words cannot be taken back. Not even the fastest horse can catch the words which is released from the mouth. Maintain silence and never ever utter a word when you are in anger. Main Topic :

Learn Many Things Quote

Top Chinese Proverb

Who is not sure of his own correctness Quote Meaning Explanation about quote on learning: When doubt enters in your mind, you start exploring the subject. When you start exploring the subject, you learn more and more. Main Topic: Learning Quotes Related Topics: Correct, Things,

Who is not Satisfied Quotes

Who is not satisfied with himself will grow Quote Meaning Explanation about quotes on motivation: Growth and contentment are inverse to each other. If you are content with your achievement, your growth ceases. If you are keen towards your growth and development, you can never

Chinese Proverb

Famous Chinese Proverb

Misunderstand a Lot Quote Meaning Explanation about learning quote: There is no point in reading a lot and understand nothing. Instead read little and understand little, it will be of great help to your life. Main Topic : Learning Quotes Related Topics : Understand, Little,

Loan no can repay quote

Time is the only loan that no one can repay Quote Meaning Time once passed can never be taken back. If you loan you time and do some work which is not important to your life or future. you just wasted that time. you cannot

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