Wisdom quotes fool find greater fool to admire him

A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him. picture quote

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Nicholoas Boileau Wisdom quotes about Fool

A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.

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A Fool always finds a greater fool to admire him Quote Meaning

Do you think you are the greatest person in this world? There are people in this world who consider themselves great by comparing them with people having disabilities. Don’t be one of them and fool yourself.

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A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.

Author: Nicholoas Boileau

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Explanation about quote on wisdom:

There lived a foolish king who ruled a kingdom. He asked his ministers to tell his citizens to write a poem praising him for getting gold coins. One citizen who is well-known for his poetry and wisdom visited the palace and informed the security so that he can sing a song about the king and get gold coins.  The King asked the poet to get in the Darbar and sing his song in the Darbar. The poet sang a beautiful poem about the king. The King after listening to the song gave only one gold coin to the poet. The poet could not figure out why the King gave only one gold coin to him.  He was expecting at least 100 gold coins for his beautiful poem.

 At the same time, another poet who is another big fool in the kingdom entered the Durbar and sang his song. That poem was outrageous as it was written poorly and contained no wisdom in it. But the King could not understand anything from both the poem, so he gave one gold coin to the other poet too.

After seeing that the other poet also got one gold coin for his poem, the first poet got angry. He thought his poem was better in many ways than the second poet so he deserved more. So he told the King that, his poem is much better than the second one. He informed the king that, the second poet has two wives and have many bad habits such as drinking. But he spends all his time in reading literature and compiling new poems. He claimed that he did not have any bad habit like the second poet. 

The foolish King upon listening to the first poet told that he has committed a big mistake by giving one gold coin to both poets. He asked the servants to get more gold coins. The King took two more coins and handed it over to the second poet.

Now the first poet was greatly disappointed and asked the King what is the reason behind giving more coins to the other poet, even after knowing that he had bad habits and two wives.  King replied to the first poet that, the second poet needs more money to take care of two families, and he would have extra expenditure for his bad habits. So he gave additional coins to the second poet. The first poet scolded himself for writing a good poem on this foolish King and came back home with one gold coin. 

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