People aren’t against you. They are for themselves

People aren't against you. They are for themselves. picture quote

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People aren't against you. They are for themselves.

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People aren’t against You Quote Meaning

Do you think that the whole world is against you? Your perception of people may be wrong. They are not against you. They are just selfish, so they are living for themselves. Their survival and greed keep them busy with matters concerning them which leaves no time to think about others.

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People aren’t against you. They are for themselves.

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Selfish Brother Story:

Peter and Mark had been brothers. Their mother died when they were young. Their father also died when they entered their twenties. He left his sons a cow and a tree.

Peter, the elder son, was cunning. He was selfish and very greedy also. Mark was good and truthful. He trusted his elder brother. They wanted to divide their father’s properties. Peter stated, “I am going to be pretty fair with you, Mark. You take the front portion in the cow as your share. I’ll take the back side of the cow. Everyone actually will get his profit only from his share.” Same way the tree was also divided. The upper part of the tree went to Peter. As well as the lower part of the tree went to Mark.

Mark fed the cow with fresh grass and water every day. The cow became healthier day by day. It gave a large amount of milk. Peter got the milk. He sold the milk and made a lot of money. But he didn’t share the money with Mark. Mark asked his brother about his share of cash. Peter replied, “I got the milk from my portion of our cow. Back portion is mine as per the agreement. We will get the advantages only from their portion.” Mark felt sick and thought of settling this issue with the help of elders in the village.

Mark went to the old person in the village who is considered to be wise. That wise man advised Mark how to overcome this problem. The subsequent day Peter was milking the cow. Then Mark beat the cow from the front portion. The cow began kicking. Peter shouted at Mark. “You fool! Why do you hit the cow? Don’t you see me milking the cow?”

“The front portion of the cow is mine. I can do something. Which is our agreement,” told Mark.

Peter couldn’t say something. Ultimately he agreed to share the money he made from selling milk. Mark mentioned, “Not just cash. You also need to share the work of feeding and taking care of the cow as well.” Peter agreed.

Concerning the tree, Peter had taken upper a part of the tree. He made holes in the upper part of the tree. A sort of sweet-smelling juice came out of those holes. The juice was collected in pots. These pots had been kept close to the holes. Peter sold the juice and made money. But he didn’t share either the cash or the juice with his brother.

Once again the wise man gave advised to Mark. The very next day Peter was going around the tree. He was fixing pots close to the holes. At that time, Mark was cutting the bottom part of the tree. Peter shouted at Mark. But Mark reminded Peter in regards to the agreement. He stated, “I can do whatever I want with my portion. You should not have any objection towards it.”

Peter now realized his mistake. He said, “Mark, I’ve been a poor brother to you. I feel ashamed of my selfishness. I ask your pardon. I will look after you properly hereafter.”. Both brothers lived happily ever after.

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