Why We Procrastinate

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In this article, we are going to understand why we procrastinate on things or tasks which are important in our life. It has become way too easy to justify each postponed activity to us and others, why we have not accomplished something. Though we know, we never admit to ourselves that it comes down to pure procrastination. The biggest issue with why we are procrastinator is because we do not realize that we are habituated to become lazy. Find out here how our parents teach children procrastination.

Reason behind Why We Procrastinate

This procrastinating behavior hinders our success in both our personal as well as professional life. Procrastination is a behavior we learned from our childhood to cope up with anxiety (fear of something) emotion.


One of my colleagues procrastinates his projects, till he gets the complete picture of the project in hand. Whenever our boss asks for the deliverable to show it to the customer, he would answer that he is working on it. Months passed, one day my boss was irritated and asked him to submit whatever he has done till now so that he can convince the customer that we have made some progress on the project. But my colleague was still at the early project analysis stage which forced him to move out of the company. From him, I learned a lesson that not to be perfect in the projects we do… instead, try to start the project first and correct mistakes whenever they popup during the project.

Example: I will launch the project after fixing the only issue in the design.


Do you wait for the congenial atmosphere to begin the task at hand? Though you are almost sure that it rarely happens, you still hope for the best to procrastinate your work by blaming the people around you, responsibilities you have, etc.

Example: I will marry after making some money and settle.


First, and most importantly, realize that you are not accountable for everybody else. That’s correct. You’re not responsible to anyone. The only exception to that relates to your family members, and there are even boundaries for that. But you do not owe something to anyone. If it’s stressing you out to have extended family members, or buddies or community teams then “just say no!” That’s correct. You should not live somebody’s life and procrastinate your life.

Example: I am afraid of being called as crazy. So I would do what everyone else does.


It is virtually not possible to undergo life without experiencing some failure. Individuals who do so most likely did not do anything worthwhile; they are not living at all. The biggest reason of all is the fear of failure for people who continuously talk about starting something but by no means do something about it. They are too much worried about failure and have lots and lots of what happens if questions in their mind.


One of the principal reasons for procrastination is skill deficiency. When you do not have the ability and required skills in you that could help your project or task at hand, you procrastinate. Simple way not to procrastinate is by either quitting the jobs or by delegating those tasks to those who have the necessary skills. You better off work in projects and tasks for which you have the necessary skills. If any skill interests you, there are SMART techniques to learn them in 20 hours.


Most of the time, we don’t know where to start the project or task. We are lazy to find out the required information by working hard. Instead, we choose alternative shortcuts and fail. If we compare knowledge and skill, knowledge is easy to acquire with the help of internet. But skill comes by practice. If you identify that your procrastinating behavior is because of knowledge deficiency, then you can improve on it easily.


After taking the first step in doing the task, it is important is to find your motivation to maintain the pace to complete the task. If you sustain the inspiration and interest in the work, you can’t sit idle and be lazy. Rather, you will be keen to do what you are intended to do. Understanding your motives and positively reinforcing them will make you persevere till you achieve your goals.


Our procrastinating behavior is the byproduct of the lifestyle we had adopted. We are habituated to our economic system to enjoy today by going for bank loans or personal loans promising to others and ourselves that you will work for next ten days to pay off this debt. The height of procrastination. You can enjoy with money you have earned yesterday but not with the money by promising someone that you will work like a donkey in your future.

The three psychological reasons behind why we procrastinate

psychologytoday.comAccording to psychologytoday the three psychological reason on why we procrastinate are
1. Things Get Done at last minute: You strongly believe that the work will somehow get done at the end. Finish off the task at the last minute.
2. No Deadlines for Life Goals: When there is no deadline, there is no motivation to do it.
3. Procrastination Is Irreversible: Belief that procrastination cannot be changed as it is a personality trait. read more at psychologytoday.com

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