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As I see the middle age looming over me, I began to wonder what my school missed out on teaching me! There are many important aspects of life which are missing in the school education. Some of the common perceptions about life and career that we derive during our formative years are:

A good scorecard from a good university ensures securing a job that I desire?
Playing on the school team would secure a ticket to the professional team of athletes?
Are you Looking at life through rose coloured glasses?
All the fairy tales with happy endings?

Reading about the dire state of Greece, I recall having a subject on economics and reading about different terminologies. I don’t remember being taught about the importance of country’s economy for my living.

I had a subject on Mathematics where integration and differentiation were taught but don’t recall being taught about how important managing my personal finance is to have a stress free retirement.

I got campus recruited and joined a firm during the peak recession period of 2008 with massive firing around me. I had the fear of losing my job when I had just begun my career. I don’t recall being taught about overcoming the fear of failures and uncertainties by adapting to situations.

I have a college degree, years of experience and can bag any relevant job? The industry has moved from DOTCOM to e-commerce. I don’t recall being taught about the importance of learning to acquire new skills to prevent from being left out of the race.

Securing a job role that everybody is envious about, my aspirations are clear? I don’t recall being taught about self-awareness and the importance it plays in figuring out the aspirations.

Watch what K12 student had to say on how education limits student thinking capacity.

I had a subject in moral science which spoke about doing ‘the right thing’. Nobody taught me that life isn’t fair. Terrible things do happen in life even when you think that you have been fair in all dealings.

Fairy tales? Fairy tales are just fairy tales! A happy family portrait or a great work relationship; all require effort to build and maintain. A happy ending is possible only with conflict management and choosing the battles wisely.

I am sure the list is bound to grow further when I hit the middle age crisis :). I think the curriculum requires a revamp which is more closely aligned with real life rather than learning facts!
Facts that I have no clue how it relates to the real word!

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