How to Control Your Emotions

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Difference between Feelings and Emotions

Understanding Feelings and Emotions and its differences are the basic building blocks to Control your emotions and behavior. To control your emotions, clear understanding of our emotions, its root-cause, the effect of emotions is necessary. This article aims at providing the difference between feelings and emotions to help us better understand it and helps us to control our emotions better. There are two ways one controls his emotions, one is to control the stimulus which creates the emotion and the other is to control the behavior which is exerted.

Please watch this video below to find out the differences between Feelings and Emotions

Components of Emotion

There are two main components of emotion which are stimulus and behavior. Stimulus is the input to our brain and behavior is the output of our brain. The brain receives chemical signals as stimulus and outputs chemical signals to appropriate neurons to exert the behavior.

Understanding Feelings and Emotions

When we touch candle fire with our finger, we feel the heat immediately and move away our finger automatically. Sudden Heat on the finger is the stimulus to the brain and behavior happens unconsciously by moving our fingers away. If we do not feel the heat immediately, then we would have burnt our fingers. The time at which we feel the stimulus(emotion) is crucial in controlling the behavior. From this, we can conclude that Emotion is all about having it. And the feeling is all about knowing it.

Two techniques to control Your emotions

Ist Technique is to Feel the emotion soon after the stimulus before exerting the behavior, and the IInd technique is to eliminate the stimulus itself. You can choose any one of this technique based on the type of emotion you want to control.

Controlling Emotions by Feeling Fast

The first step to controlling your emotions is to feel the emotion. If we feel the emotion as soon as the stimulus is created, we have better chances to control the emotion rather than feeling the emotion after the behavior is exerted.

Controlling Emotions by Eliminating Stimulus

If we delve deep into why we have certain emotions, we will get insights into different ways you can avoid the stimulus. For example, smokers can reduce smoking by staying in the home for more hours compared to office.

huffingtonpost.comFollowing are the ways to control emotions according to HuffingtonPost.

Don’t react and try to respond.
Find a healthy outlet.
See the bigger picture.
Replace your thoughts.
Forgive your emotional triggers.

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