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C And S Thinking Tool – Consequences

C & S Tool Description: C&S Stands for consequences & sequel. We have the tendency to make decisions without thinking much about the consequences of the action as it is difficult to forsee things and future is vague. It causes a lot of difficulties in

PMI Thinking Tool – Plus Minus Interesting

PMI Tool Description: PMI Stands for Plus, Minus, and Interesting. When a poor thinker is asked to explore an idea or topic to write an essay, he/she writes the opinion first, and they try to support the opinion throughout the essay. There is no exploration

CAF Thinking Tool – Consider All Factors

CAF Tool Description: CAF Stands for Consider All Factors. Many people assume that they have considered all the factors before taking the decision but the reality is that they would have considered only the obvious ones which came to their mind. Do you think the

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