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Regular Does of Unhappiness Quote

Best Unhappy quotes

The key to happiness is a regular dose of unhappiness Quote Meaning: Happiness is like a drug. If one is happy, he would expect more and more happiness in life. There is no limit for this. If a dose of unhappiness is given after happiness,

Infectitious Quote

Famous Unhappy quotes

Happiness and unhappiness are both infectious Quote Meaning: All Emotions are infectious. If you feel sad, then everyone around you will inherit sad feelings. Similarly, when you feel happy, everyone around you will be happy too. The best way to make your personal and professional

Unhappy and Happy Quote

You can’t be happy unless Quote Meaning You cannot appreciate being happy unless otherwise, you have experienced unhappiness in your life. People who are unhappy today will experience happiness some other day. Main Topic: Happy Quotes Related Topics: Unless, Unhappy, Sometimes You can’t be happy

Thief of Joy Quote

Comparison is the thief of joy
- Aleister Crowley

Best Unhappy quotes

Comparison is the thief of joy Quote Meaning: Many people complain to God that they did not get many things in life, but they do not think that they should thank God for whatever they have got. Theodore Roosevelt says that comparison is the thief

Smile quote about unhappy

Short Unhappy quotes

 Smile confuses people Quote Meaning Explanation about the quote on a smile: Smile is one of the positive weapons you can use to confuse your enemy. If you smile whenever they give you problems, they get confused about your reaction. When you smile at people

Not Happy Quote

We are no longer happy Quote Meaning In order to be happy, stop thinking about how to be more happier. The moment we think about that we become unhappy. Main Topic : Happy Quotes Related Topics : Wish, Happier, Longer, Soon We are no longer

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Comments from Readers

  1. It wasn’t Roosevelt. “Comparison is the thief of joy” is from
    Aleister Crowley in the The Book of the Law.

  2. I’m the same kid who used to move around in trains with headphones and go to downtown, walk around the city and listen to music. The day I started comparing with others i am not able to do anything fun in my life. Every time i spend my is to be better than my peers and i am stressed out. comparison is disease and spoils the personal life, it is indeed the thief of joy.

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