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Do you know how our beliefs are formed?

Every one of us thinks we are individuals with our independent thought process. But over the years, as we internalize the unspoken rules, we tend to become anxious and insecure. This insecurity tends to make us more conservative preferring to fit into the group and

What English Rhymes teach our kids

Are you fascinated that your kids sing English rhymes? Do you think only video games are teaching kids bad behavior and values?  After reading this post, you will be able to understand that English rhymes are not less than video games in teaching our kids. One of my relatives often

Who taught grammar for my 4 year old

Like every kid, full-time job of my 4-year-old is to play games and mimic activities he observes from the environment. Like every parent, I think that he is an intelligent child with gifted talent. The reality is that I just didn’t know how intelligent other kids are!. If you

Is it Possible to Learn New Skill in 20 hours

This article about learning a new skill in 20 hours would be one of your longest articles you have read, but trust me if you have passion towards learning. Its might be worth the time. I decided to write a post on How to Learn New

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