Greedy Quote by Gary Allen

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Explanation on still being jealous even if you are the moon: Whatever you have, you will still be jealous of others. Humans are never satisfied with what they have; they are always jealous of what others have. With the advancement in science and technology, there

Best Way to Learn Quote by Richard Branson

Best Way of Learning Quote Meaning Have you observed people who have high qualification in a particular field but are unable to apply what they have learned?. If your learning is mainly enriched by doing it instead of reading it, you will excel in your

Ability and Attitude Quote

Attitude is equally as important as ability Quote Meaning The two things important for success is knowledge and attitude. If you have the right attitude, you will be intelligent and listen to wisdom. In this article, let us explore the components of attitude and multiple

Words of Wisdom Quotes about Life

People aren’t against You Quote Meaning Do you think that the whole world is against you? Your perception of people may be wrong. They are not against you. They are just selfish, so they are living for themselves. Their survival and greed keep them busy

What English Rhymes teach our kids

Are you fascinated that your kids sing English rhymes? Do you think only video games are teaching kids bad behavior and values?  After reading this post, you will be able to understand that English rhymes are not less than video games in teaching our kids. One of my relatives often

Meaning of life – Are you egg or carrot or coffee bean

The whole world is searching for the meaning of life. Few say that they have found it, and few started preaching how to lead your life. I recently picked up the book, ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Victor Frankl upon a friend’s recommendation. I finished

Happy Parenting Quote

Recommend to your children virtue Quote Meaning Teach you children virtue by telling them many moral stories about virtues. This is the only thing you can do to make their life happy. Author Beethoven. Main Topic : Happy Quote Related Topics : Recommend, Virtue, Children,

Your perspective is important than the situation

While I was surfing the internet I came across the above image; it was interesting to see the different perspective of two men. This image demonstrates that our perspective is important than the situation. Much like the image, our perspective determines our approach to problems

Family time quotes

Time spent with family is worth Every Second Quote Meaning:  We are so caught up in our work that we forget to spend time with things that matter most in our life. When was the last time you took a vacation from your work and

Quotes about Hard Work

No shortcuts to any place Worth Going Quote Meaning: When you take shortcuts to achieve your goal, you won’t be able to enjoy the success after you reach the goal. Author Beverly Sills says that the success achieved through hard work gives more happiness and

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