Success Without Hard work is like harvest without planting

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted. picture quote

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Hard work quotes on Harvesting

Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted.

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Explanation of working hard Quotes:

If we sow the seeds of a prickly plant, can we expect a crop of roses? No from the seed of a fig-tree will sprout only a fig plant, not a mango sapling. This law also applies to human life. How can we expect Success without hard work? Our present life if only a phase in the history. Ancient Hindu religion proclaims that we reap in this life the fruit of the work and actions of our past lives. Followers of other religion don’t accept this view. According to them, the birth and death of a man are not pre-planned. It is only an accident. But it is a universal law that there is no effect without a cause. Even our life should have a certain cause.

Body and Minds Deteriorates

We should get involved in doing some work always. It is our responsibility to make sure that the work is for a good cause. Many people think that work which gets more money are good to work. The good work should give good to others. At Least, it should not give anything bad to others.
If one does not work and sit idle his body and mind starts deteriorating. What happens to motorcycle or car when you don’t use it for months together? Same applies to our mind and body. Things which are made of iron when unused for a long time starts rusting and lose its strength. Things which are made of wood when unused for a long time becomes rotten and starts attracting insects. When the rain water is stagnant in ponds and lakes, it turns to green and become unusable for drinking. One should put lifelong effort to learn something every day to be intelligent.

Hard work requires mental strength

To do any activity, one requires physical strength and mental strength. The amount of this strength required depends on upon the task at hand. Work which requires hard labor cannot be completed if one does not have the mental strength to overcome his pain and fear. One who does not possess mental strength gets frightened by thinking about the volume of work and the adverse outcome. People with this kind of attitude never succeed.
A weight lifter lifts more weight not just because of his physical strength. He lifts because of his mental toughness. If one likes what he does, the work no more seems to be hard.

Can Nurse Become a doctor

If one want to become a doctor, he should study medicine. If one intends to become an engineer, he should study the necessary subjects to perform that function. We master by practicing more in our chosen field to become an expert. But no one gives enough importance to life skills such as communication. How is it possible to achieve success without hard work?
A nurse cannot replace a doctor as they are not qualified and know nothing much about the medicines and diagnosis. Irrespective of whether the concept is hard to grasp or easy to understand, happy to hear or sad for the listener, the one who experienced the concept can clearly explain it to others. So don’t talk on thin which you seldom know about. Talk about things which you had personally experienced. Strive to work hard to get practice and practical experience. Practice and Experience make the skill perfect. With great Skills, you are not far away from success.

Striving for success without hard work is like Quote Meaning

What is the person called who is expecting bountiful harvest without planting any seeds during the season? There is no difference between such a person and the one who waits for the success without putting any hard work. Author David Bly not just conveys that don’t expect success without hard work but also that success achieved without hard work is not worth.

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Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.

Author: David Bly

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