Stop Procrastination Technique – Doing Right Tasks

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All of us have a general tendency to project that we are busy in office to our near and dear ones so that we can easily procrastinate tasks at home. This technique to stop procrastination is not for people who procrastinate, in spite of not having worked pressure at the office. It is for individuals who are busy in the office.

One of the main reasons why we procrastinate is because of the overwhelming nature of the tasks at hand. It makes us every day feel completely exhausted at the night. We end up spending no time to reflect and assess what happened during the day before going to the bed. This technique helps you to find out whether you are doing right tasks. We all know that there is no point in spending time on tasks which are not useful to us. But, we forget to sharpen our saw to increase our efficiency

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The main idea behind this stop procrastination technique is to assess tasks we perform every day using to do list and eliminate tasks which are not useful to us to improve our current situation or future.

Step 1 – Start Maintaining Your TO DO List

TO DO List
TO DO List


If you do not have the habit of maintaining a to-do list, your first step towards avoiding procrastination is to start managing your to-do list.



Step 2- Plan everyday tasks in the morning

Good Morning
Good Morning


Everyday morning, come up with that day’s tasks. If you are working in a dynamic environment where you will know your tasks only after you reach the office, do that as your first task in the office.


Step 3- Note down everyday task status and procrastination reason in the evening

Good Night
Good Night


At the end of the day, figure out how many tasks you have postponed and why you have postponed. If you have delayed some activities because of other important tasks, note it down. If you have procrastinated some tasks for no reason, note that too. Try to note down the exact feeling you had when you encountered that task.


Step 4: Analyze and Identify Pattern

Analyze Results
Analyze Results

You will be astonished to see that you performed fewer tasks compared to what you have imagined when you reflect your daily activities in the evening. If at all you have performed numerous tasks, most of the tasks performed may come under useless tasks for our professional career or personal life. Do this activity for a week to find out the type of tasks, you procrastinate. Moreover, you will find patterns in your procrastination which would guide you to adopt other strategies and techniques mentioned in this blog.


Step 5: Refine your TO DO lists



After doing this for one week, find out how many of your tasks are useful to you.  Make sure that you perform many tasks which you love to do and important for your future or career. Do fewer tasks which are important for the current moment. Remove all tasks which do not attribute to present or future.


Probably your to-do list is like below

  1. Write to do list from tomorrow onwards.
  2. Check the first task on the to-do list.
  3. Great you have already completed two things.
  4. Reward yourself with Swiss chocolate and go for a nap.

Even after removing tasks from your lists, you feel overwhelmed with your tasks.  Probably you are in real stress and need help to get out of this situation. One way out is to delegate some of your tasks to others to handle.

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