Tools and Techniques to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

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What is critical thinking skills

Webster’ Dictionary defines it as careful analysis and Judgement. In this fast-paced world, we receive information from various sources. We have to analyze and either accept or reject information every day in our life.

A poor critical thinker would agree or disagree with the information without analyzing and evaluating the information. A skilled critical thinker would analyze the truth and credibility of the information before accepting it.  This information we accept/agree has the potential to affect our perception and existing beliefs. If we allow the information to strengthen our belief without analyzing and evaluating the information, it leads to false belief and chaotic life.

Information -> Opinion -> Attitude, Belief

Characteristics of Critical Thinkers

  • Ask a lot of questions when things don’t make sense.
  • Evaluate based on evidence.
  • Ability to differentiate between fact and opinion.
  • Think before talking.
  • Identify emotional thinking and logical thinking.
  • They don’t talk about things which they seldom know about.
  • Do not strive to find the one right answer. Believe that there are many answers to the problem.
  • Difficult to persuade critical thinkers by inducing emotions.
  • Considering multiple perspectives before arriving the conclusion

Concepts related to Critical Thinking Skill

  • Truth Seeking Attitude
  • Cause and Effect
  • Assumptions and Arguments
  • Reasoning: Give Reason for Opinion
  • Premise – Statements which support conclusion or opinion
  • Inquiry and Questioning
  • Convergent Thinking and Divergent Thinking
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