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Tools and Techniques to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

What is critical thinking skills Webster’ Dictionary defines it as careful analysis and Judgement. In this fast-paced world, we receive information from various sources. We have to analyze and either accept or reject information every day in our life. A poor critical thinker would agree

Tools and Techniques to Improve Thinking Skills

What is Thinking skill Thinking skill is our ability to use our mind efficiently to understand, analyze, apply, evaluate, decide, create something. Many scientists believe that we are only using a portion of our mind. Also many wrongly believe that thinking is in-born talent and it

Tools and Techniques to Improve Problem Solving Skills

What is the problem-solving skill? The skill which helps you to work through the details of the problem and come up with a solution to the problem. Different Ways to Solve Problem Fix The Effect of the Problem Provide Workaround Prevent the Problem Solve the

Tools and Techniques to Improve Creative Thinking Skills

What is creative thinking skills Creative Thinking Skill is the ability of a person to explore new ways of doing things. A Person with good creative thinking skill will be able to come up with numerous solutions to the problem whereas poor creative thinking person

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