Sad quotes loss is not forgettable only bearable

There are memories that time does not erase. loss is not forgettable, only bearable. picture quote


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Loss is only bearable Quote

There are memories that time does not erase. loss is not forgettable, only bearable.

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 There are memories that time does not erase Quote Meaning

Sad Quote by Cassandra Clare. Bad memories, especially memory of close person who lost their life does not erode away. We learn how to make the loss bearable after some time but wont be able to forget the memories.

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There are memories that time does not erase. loss is not forgettable, only bearable.

Author : Cassandra Clare

Quotation Reference :

The lord of death has no mercy

He was a lad of fifteen, handsome and intelligent. He kept away from bad company. He never lagged behind in studies. The only boy of his parents, he was obedient to them. Friends looked upon him with respect for his virtues and good qualities. One day he went on an excursion along with his friends. In the course of their trip, their leader suddenly realised that the young man was missing. Everybody wondered where he was. A search began. Somebody remembered that he had gone to the river to swim and had not returned. They could recover after a long search, only the dead body of the young man. His parents were informed. The father was shattered recalling the virtues of his son; he broke down with grief. The mother looked quiet. She seemed to have silently swallowed her sorrow. She did not curse those who took her son on the trip. She didn’t find fault with anybody. She even consoled her husband. Restraining herself, she rang up her relatives, informed the police and sent word to the officials of her husband’s office and made arrangements to take the dead body to the crematorium. Only when the corpse was laid on the funeral pyre the lady broke down as she was unable to control the grief.

Death strikes without a warning. That is a moment when a man feels utterly helpless. The firmest heart trembles, when all the hope of life vanishes in the wink of an eye. The same man today alive and kicking is dust on the earth tomorrow. That shatters the boldest heart. And the dearest ones abandon the dead body as if it were just a boulder or a log of wood.

For an ignorant man, death is terrible for men of wisdom, it is not. Death is a most important event in life. But it is very strange that even intelligent, educated people don’t think of it. How little and limited our knowledge about death is. And then we claim to be intelligent and enlightened.

A man observes people dying around him, relatives leaving the earthly abode, and is surprised. For a moment, he feels sad. He may perhaps console himself by telling. “Everyone has to die, sooner or later”. But he often refrains from asking the question “What is death? What is beyond death?” Of course, he is shocked when close relatives expire. He feels the intense agony of the separation caused by death, feels helpless, dejected and profusely sheds tears. But after a few days, gradually he overcomes the grief. He gets immersed in the daily routine of life. When death approaches him, he is unprepared, in utter agony pain and fear. Most people die like vermin. It is true that some people try to say “Death is a natural phenomenon. Let us face death when it comes” It is a subject that is evaded, ignored by our youth-worshipping; progress oriented society”, thus Rose sums up our attitude to death. Sometimes certain deaths give a man a temporary glimpse into the nature of death. They may give one the courage to face what is inevitable. These real events, experiences tend to instil a sense of courage.But man remains frightened as long as he does not understand the phenomenon of death.

A couple had a seven-year-old son. A brief illness terminated his life. Seeking relief from the grief, the parents moved to the south. They pursued some occupation to make a living. The mother kept reminding herself of the lost son. “Why did God snatch away my child from me? No words of consolation helped her control her grief. She was overwhelmed with the grief over the death of her son. She was in a state of mind where consolation had no effect, where reasoning was beyond question. Only a man who has understood the true nature of death can remain serene and courageous in such circumstances.

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