Why worry is more exhausting than work

A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work. picture quote

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Can Mental Diarrhea takes up all your energy?

A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.

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A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work Quote Explanation

Day of work is less tiring than a day of worry. Do you know that it is proven that Brain uses more energy than physical work? When you are in worry, don’t sit idle at home, instead, go to work. You save energy and as a bonus, you make some money. Work is the best cure for worry.

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A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.

Author: John Lubbock

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The mind has the habit of rumination like cattle. Cattle cannot digest what it consumes in one shot. When a cow eats the grass, it first chews it very little before it swallows. It eats as much grass it wants and then lies down in a place to digest the food completely. Cows have the capability to un-swallow the food, re-chew the food, and then re-swallow the food. Our human mind is very much similar to this process when it comes to thoughts. What bothers in our life will occupy our thoughts, dreams, and imagination.

This inbuilt nature of our mind can be used to shape the future or ruin it. The mind can make you think what you have as what you haven’t and what you haven’t as what you have. This worry quote conveys that it is easier to start the work than worrying about is consequences. Worry is more exhausting than work does not mean work is less tiring. Worry mentally affects our motivation to work and at the same time drains our energy.

One who controls his mind saves energy to shape his future. Mental strength is a greater thing than physical strength. When you start worrying about the outcome of the action way beyond what is required, it forms a procrastination habit. Mental Diarrhea, takes up all your energy and makes you weak, which is required for other purposes. Worry is more exhausting than work and makes you tired.

When someone is worried about his future, his thoughts are usually unproductive ones who would either stop from acting upon or neglect the action altogether. It is good to anticipate negative outcome in the future as it helps to find mitigation plan and prepare for failure. At the same time, one should not be burdened with worry without arriving at any solutions.

Worry devastates the strongest people and makes them weak. We have seen many people who get mad because of betrayal from closed ones. Many people decide to self-harm themselves or commit suicide who could not bear the pain of sadness.

Once one person asked ancient poet Pisiranthayar, about the reason for his youths. Although he was 60+, none of his hairs turned gray. Pisiranthayar replied that he has a lovely wife and children at home, the lovely king who takes care of him and does not allow anything bad to happen to his citizens. More importantly, the town he lives has a lot of knowledgeable and wise people. Because of all these reasons, he is always happy, and that is the reason for his youths.

One of the primary reason Mahatma Gandhi had glowing skin is that of his victory over the sadness. He overcomes his worries at very young age that he could live close to 90 years healthy. Whatever happens, he never forgets to keep his face smiling. Mahatma himself told that the lived longer because he was happy and never allowed any sadness to creep into this mind.

Winston Churchill advice if you are worried and didn’t know why you are sad. All you have to do if you don’t know the reason for your worry is to list down all the causes for your sadness in a paper. The moment you finish your list, you will be relieved from your worries. Many times, the reason for your sadness is false or small issues. In a day or two, those causes would vanish. After that, you will be left with few items in your list which are the real cause for your sadness. Carefully think through and find out the solution. Once you figure out the solution, go ahead and implement it right away. This is the simple way to get rid of your worries which are more exhausting than the work.

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