Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you

Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you. picture quote

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Revenge Quotes about anger

Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you.

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Revenge is often like biting a dog Quote Meaning:

Think before you act when you are angry. Revenge causes more damages to your mind and heart whereas forgiving eases your heart. Revenge does not give anything to you except damage. What do you think of people who bite the dog because the dog bit them? Don’t they look like a fool? The person who wants to take revenge because of anger is similar to the person who bite the dog.

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Revenge is often like biting a dog because the dog bit you.

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Explanation of revenge quote about anger

An old man reported that he was riding his bicycle, and he recognized that he was full of rage. He started thinking about what made the trigger for his rage. He was doing his usual 10-mile morning ride. When he was riding down the bike lane of a residential area, one car driver shouted at him to get out of the place. When he thought about childhood memories about similar feelings. He was able to relate to one particular incident which happened when he was five years old. He was walking up an alley which led to the backyard gate of his house. As he was walking up the alley, he was muttering furiously to himself and punching the air as hard as he could because someone had called him “Scarface.” When he was four years old, he was watching the birds over the terrace, a gunny bag on fire had been thrown carelessly on him by his brother. The wound got aggravated by doing wrong treatment for burnt wounds.

The fury was not only over the pain of the event but the later humiliation of blame that is was his fault. He could recollect the neighbor man who used to taunt him by taking out a match box and ask him whether to light the matches. When he was punching the air walking up the alley, his brother asked him whom he was trying to kill. The painful feelings were compounded by having been found out. His conclusion, however, was that to keep your feeling to yourself. Nobody cares or understands your feelings. Take it on yourself. Pump it harder was the result of this.

After analyzing his cause for the behavior and discomfort it arises with his body aching, he understood that he was abusing his body whenever he gets this feeling. He then also recognized the source for his rage which is bullying which happened at the age of four. He then reduced his pace in cycling and had a relaxed ride for the rest of the distance. He then decided that he should avoid taking this route where that guy shouted at him. Even better way to handle this emotion is to keep calm even if others bully you. Bullying is after all their problem; their emotional outburst should not affect us. Now after understanding this, he no more feels any need to speed up and pump his cycle harder.

Once we understand our vulnerabilities, we can make various choices in the present to alter our behavior for feelings. We need to be very choosy with whom we share our personal feelings. More importantly, we can predict the behavior after living with somebody for some time. Some people are not capable of understanding deep feelings, and we should avoid discussing or showing deep feeling with those people. Although we cannot erase our memories we can surely avoid future situations in which they occur and decide our behavior in advance for most painful feelings.

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