Who moved my Cheese? By Spencer Johnson

Who moved my Cheese? By Spencer Johnson
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What’s Inside Who Moved my Cheese Book

A simple story that contains the wisdom that can radically change the way we think about change. This hilarious story revolves around four characters which describe how human react when they encounter the change in their work or personal life.

The book emphasizes on embracing the change and moving out of the comfort zone. Changes bring out new beginnings and opportunities which you never knew existed. Teaches a valuable lesson about overcoming difficulties, adapting to situation and finding solutions to problem rather than being stuck in the situation

Why you should buy this Book – Who Moved my cheese

A short, crisp relevant story to the current times.

Non-Preachy Narration and at the same time delivers the wisdom.

Benefits everyone across different ages.

Ways to handle fear and anxiety while dealing with change.


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