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Action expresses Priority. picture quote

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Priority Quote on Work

Action expresses Priority.

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Action Expresses Priority Status Meaning:

Often you find the disparity in what people say and what they do. People try to hide their true intentions by saying something positive about it. If you want to find out someone’s priority in their life, you should observe their actions. Actions speak louder than what they say in expressing their priorities.

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Action expresses Priority

Author: Mahatma Gandhi

This quotation is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi but probably first used by Charles A Garfield.

Source: Book: Peak Performers

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Self expression is the expression of our personality through the medium of speech or art. Some people express through writing and others through art, pictures and body language. Sports people express themselves by going to top in their sport to demonstrate their excellence.Their body and its movements are the means of self-expression. The stamina, determination, and skills represent their self and its manifestation.

Self-expression is also seen in how people live their lives. The principles that are integral to their very existence are showcased in their lifestyle. For some, it is service to humanity such as Mother Teresa, and for some, it is the liberation of the country like Mahatma Gandhi, and for the ordinary householder, it may be the satisfaction they get out of leading a good life and raising a happy family.

In management, some people are problem solvers while others are people leaders. Scientists express themselves through discoveries and innovations. Adventurers find self-expression in explorations. Environmentalists express themselves through traveling. Children express themselves through play and free body movements. All these are self-expression of one’s values.

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