The miracle wonder drug which you never took till today

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug. picture quote

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Positive Mental Attitude Quote

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.

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How to get into positive mental attitude

Power of Thought

The Thought is the motive power which drives our body, mind, and senses. Everybody possess this power inside them. It outer manifestation may vary based on the individuals, but it is equal in every living creature. The variations arise due to the differences in the way the mind is developed. As the sun appears of varying strength when it shines behind a clear or unclear cloud, the power of mind shines efficiently based on the personality of the person. But the character is not developed in one day.

Controlling your Thoughts

When the thought is adequately controlled and directed, it lifts the person, higher and higher. When it is not directed and uncontrolled, it drags and stops the growth. Our whole life is nothing but the outer manifestation of our inner thought. Whether this is conscious or unconscious, it is always a creative force, a seed which sooner or later will bear fruit as right or evil action. If our mind focuses on an individual object, very soon we find that those objects are coloring our whole nature. Our life is inevitably uplifted and motivated when our mind concentrates on the goal.
Thought precedes all activity. First, we think, then we act; therefore, it is impossible for anyone to refrain from mistakes or evil deeds without paying proper attention to our thoughts. The thought must be correct before we perform any act. Few people think consciously. An impulse comes, a desire awakens, it carries away the whole thought with it. It takes the possession of the mind.

Positive Mental Attitude decides your thoughts

When somebody speaks harsh words to you, can it hurt you? No, it is you who give that much importance to those harsh words through your thought. If you analyze, you will find that your mental attitude; hurts more than the words. Your mental attitude is what can give you strength as well as kills it and bring suffering.

Training your Mind for Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset enables us to perform our duties and responsibilities without procrastination. Without awakening the subconscious mind, the intuition, our ordinary duties cannot be performed. It is what we need to think correctly. Ordinary minds are interrupted before they achieve the objective of their thought. Their ideas do not lead them to the attain the purpose. However small or great the objective to be attained, unless the mindset is positive (has a positive attitude ), it cannot accomplish anything.

No matter what we do, no matter how significant our position may be, whether many depend on us or few, everybody has some responsibility to do in their life. Our mind should be trained to think in the positive mental attitude to complete these responsibilities successfully.

How to build positive mindset

WikiHow suggests four ways to develop a positive attitude. The first one is to challenge your negative thoughts by quieting your inner critic and by maintaining a positive feeling journal. The second ways are by improving your outlook both inside and outside by feeling good about yourself. It is done by focussing on the positive memories of the event in the past and by relaxing with either yoga or doing whatever interests you the most. The third way is to find ways to interact with lots of people by joining clubs, sports, etc. The fourth way is by getting into a healthy lifestyle.

How to Build a Positive Thinking Mindset

Identify your negative thoughts.
Keep a thought journal.
Quiet your inner critic by focusing on the positive.
Keep a gratitude journal.
Practice positive imagery.
Find the positive side of lifes challenges.
Alter your reactions to lifes frustrations.
Take time to relax.
Do activities youre good at.
Avoid media that causes negative thinking.
Try humor.
Surround yourself with positive people.
Be positive about other people.
Show interest and pride in others.
Take note of when you help others.
Join a social group.
Get enough sleep.
Eat well.
Drink plenty of water.
Exercise regularly.

The primary purpose of all religion and philosophy is to uplift the mind to a state of perfect balance, serenity, and vigor. Concentration is the key to achieving it. We must dedicate some time to find out what our needs are, our defects, cause for our mental distractions.When we look within ourselves, these things can be discovered. The day we start looking within yourself, we gain real wisdom and happiness.

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles Quote Meaning

Many diseases which are considered as incurable by famous doctors in this world are cured when the patient have positive thinking attitude. The miracle wonder drug which you need to take is the positive mental attitude which does not cost you anything but requires conscious effort from your side. The Power of concentrated thought and positive thinking are the two great tools in your life to help you succeed.

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A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.

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