Every man has three characters Quote on Personality

Every man has three characters, which we exhibit, which he has and that which he thinks he has. picture quote

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Three Character Quotes about Personality

Every man has three characters, which we exhibit, which he has and that which he thinks he has.

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Every man has three characters Quote Meaning:

Alphonse Karr, the author of this character quote, says that What you show as your personality is often not your actual personality. Also, what you think is your personality is not your personality. You want to live with high virtues, but you end up with confused values and virtues in your personality.

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Every man has three characters, which we exhibit, which he has and that which he thinks he has.

Author: Alphonse Karr

Every man has three characters Quote Meaning

The real core of one’s personality often remains invisible. Even the person himself may not be aware of it. Sooner or later we discover that the real character of a man is not what he physically appears to be or not even his actions. The real personality is the inner core of a person. If he is firmly rooted in great virtues of honesty, purity, unselfishness, humility and so on, he has a great and healthy personality indeed. In the absence of these, his may be a wicked and unhealthy personality. Do you know that you can change your personality at any age of your life?

It is common sense to know that we have two aspects of human personality: visible and invisible. The visible part of the personality can play only a limited role in life. This visible personality of our face, hairstyle, dress, height, our body language, the vocabulary we use and so on. The first impression of a person is this visible personality. Though one should try to cultivate and nurture one’s visible personality to a certain measure, one should remember that one’s visible personality is only a tip of the iceberg.

There was a famous sculptor in a Kingdom who makes marvelous sculptures especially elephants. People flocked to see his stone sculptures and admired his skill and workmanship. He became a living legend, and people wondered how the could be so perfect in his work. His superior work and skill reached the King. The King asked the sculptor to make a marble statue of an elephant for his palace. The sculptor agreed and asked for three months to complete the work and returned to his place. Even after two months, he had not started the work. He seemed to be lost in some thought. While the block of marble lay in his yard, he would spend long hours in solitude, thinking and contemplating. Then one day, as if inspired, he took the chisel and began to carve out the elephant. He chiselled, and carved with his hammer for long hours. Elephant emerged from the stone.

The King came to see the sculpture and was astonished at the sculptor’s skill. The elephant statue looks real.

The King asked the sculptor, “How could you achieve this perfection?”

The sculptor replied “First I think of the elephant in the marble. I think of its head, trunk, stomach, legs inside this stone. This takes a long time for me to realize the image of an elephant inside the marble. And then, I take the chisel and chip off all that is non-elephant”.

This is the secret of personality development. We should first make clear idea as to what we want to be. Without knowing what we want to become, how can we change our personality? First, read and learn all the facts. And then carefully think over all the nuances and subtleties and implications of what is means to be a complete and healthy person. After that chip off the non-essentials from ourselves.

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