Character is not ready-made but is created bit by bit and day by day Meaning

Character is not ready made but is created bit by bit and day by day. picture quote

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Character is not ready made Quote

Character is not ready made but is created bit by bit and day by day.

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Character is not ready-made but is created bit by bit and day by day Quote Meaning:

Personality is not inbuilt in a person. Every day it gets accumulated based on our life experience. The environment we live in decides the personality traits when we grow up. Each work we do, each thought we think, produces an impression upon the mind. The total of these impressions becomes the tremendous force which is called ‘character.’ The character of a man is what he had created for himself. It is the result of the mental and physical actions that he had done in his life. This character is the real personality of man. Personality is nothing but character building plus the development of all the faculties of body and mind.

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The character is not ready-made but is created bit by bit and day by day.

Author: Edna Lyall

Quotation Reference:

Source: Book – The Psychology of Education, Page 474

Our life experiences and incidents are not only of paramount significance but also help us in the moulding of character.

When their children are educated, pass examinations, get a job and earn money, parents think that their purpose of their lives is fulfilled. Nobody seems to be concerned about the horrible lifestyle and its implications for their mind and body ruining their health. Our parents and teachers are incapable of looking into the distant future, as they are busy engaged in seeking solutions to the problems immediately bothering them. If a man is not allowed to be a lion, he becomes a fox. It is in our hands whether we want to build our children like a lion or fox. The character is not ready made; it is created by life experiences and through personality development.

We may convert every house in the country to perform charity; we may fill our land with hospitals, but the misery of man will continue to exist until man’s character changes, says Swami Vivekananda.

The character is not ready made and not built in one day. It is developed from the childhood by advocating the right behaviour and attitude. If parents and teachers create daily habits at very young age, it becomes the character of the child.

Why identical twins grown up in the same environment have different personalities

The debate on nature vs. nurture among the cause for different personalities have led Scientists to observe the implications of the environment on personality development and the development of the brain. The result of an experiment done by Professor Ulman at Max Planck Institute for Human development concludes that experience and behaviour contribute majorly to differences in personality of the individual.

psychologytoday.comScientists have recently discovered that even in an identical environment, genetically identical mice can create daily habits that reshape their brains and mould their individual personalities. According to researchers, human beings who are more curious and exploration also reinforce individual personality traits on a neuro-biological level. read more at

The best time to mould the character of a person is during the childhood. When ethical behaviour and attitude are demonstrated to the child, they learn those unconsciously and reflect those behaviours without their knowledge. The following story talks about the attitude of a Black soldier on his responsibility.

King and Black Soldier story

A king had a large number of soldiers. One of them was incredibly black. He was very loyal to the king. So the king loved him very much.  All of the other soldiers had been envy concerning the black soldier and were wondering what exactly is so special about that black soldier. How he’s in a position to attract the king with his personality. They all wanted to create a bad remark for this black soldier in front of the king. This information reached the emperor, and he planned to show other soldiers about the real character or personality of his black soldier.

One particular day the emperor went out on a horse. Some soldiers walked in front from the king. Other folks went to the emperor. The black soldier rode on the horse by the side of his emperor. The King possessed a box. There were pearls in it. On the way, the box fell into a narrow street. It broke down into pieces. The beads rolled on the ground.

The King mentioned to his troops. “Go and take those pearls. I do not want them any longer,” said the king.
The soldiers ran and collected the pearls. They took those pearls. The black soldier didn’t leave his spot. He was close to his emperor. He safeguarded his master as he cared for the life of his master compared to pearls. The king noticed the attitude of the black soldier and told all the other soldiers about his behaviour. King gave black soldier lot of few gifts, and each, and every other soldier realised what genuine personality signifies.

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