How attitudes are formed in childhood

Our Attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us. picture quote

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Attitude towards others Quote

Our Attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.

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Children Learn Behavior and Attitude from Parents

Children learn attitudes from all those significant people in their lives such as parents, teachers, friends, etc. Nowadays media and caretaker should also be included in the significant list. Children learn many behaviors and attitude to demonstrate for the given situation from their parents. Children whose parents shout or use harsh words are inclined to mimic the same attitude towards others.

Human Communication Research conducted a study whether parent’s attitude influence child’s attitude. The results revealed that the technique which the parents used to control their children affected the child’s behavior as well as their self-esteem

Where do children learn attitude about race

cnn.comMargaret Beale Spencer, a leading researcher in the field of child development with the help of three psychologists ran experiment to find out whether racism is learned from parents. The result revealed that children learn attitudes about race from their home.
Many people who read the story commented that racism is a learned behavior.  read more at


Wooden Plate story

Velan was a carpenter. He lived in a village with his father, Kuppan. His mother died. Kuppan was feeble and could not even perform his daily routines at home. Velan didn’t take care of Kuppan and didn’t give him sufficient food. Velan gave an earthen plate to his father to take food.

Velan has a son. His name is Muthu. Muthu was only ten years old, and he was an excellent boy. He loved his grandpa. He didn’t like his father’s attitude on his grandfather. One day Kuppan was taking food from his clay plate that his son had offered to him. While eating from the plate, his plate fell and broke. Velan rushed into the house and saw the damaged plate. He became angry with his father and abused his father. The old man felt terrible about the incident, and his son’s harsh words wounded him badly.

Velan’s son, Muthu, noticed this. He didn’t like his daddy as he understood that his dad is not treating and taking care of his grandfather.

The following day Muthu his father’s  carpentry tools and started making a wooden plate. His father noticed that and asked the little boy

“What are you trying to do, Muthu?”

“I am making a wooden plate!” replied Muthu.

“What is it for?” asked his father.

“I am making this plate for you to eat when you grow old. When you become old like the grandfather, you’ll need a plate for meals. A plate produced from earthen sand might break when your hands tremble during your old age. Then I may have to scold you severely. So, I thought of making a wooden plate so that all this can be avoided.”

The carpenter was stunned to listen to this. Only now he realized his mistake. Velan felt somber about his personal behavior. He understood his errors. He then changed his attitude towards his father.

From that day, Velan treated his father with proper respect.

Our attitude towards others determine their attitude Quote Meaning

How others treat us mostly depends on how we behave to them. If we behave nicely to them, they would reciprocate the same behavior towards us.

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Our Attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.

Author: Earl Nightingale

Source:  Life Lessons of Wisdom & Motivation – Volume III by Seka

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