Nov 5, 2015
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When you are not important to someone quotes

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Sad Quotes About Being Not Important To Someone Meaning:

Your heart is broken the day you realize that the other person does not consider you as important as you think you are. When you are not important to someone whom you consider important in your life, it is time to end the relationship.

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It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

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Variation of not important Quotes:

It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.


That awkward moment when you think you are important to someone but you’re not.


I get it; I am not important to you anymore.


If you often feel alone, ignored, think about this: closing the door and locking yourself in won’t change anything.


I am sick of feeling invisible and not important for you.


I just want to feel that I am important to someone


When you are not important to someone you love, you feel lonely even if there are many people around you.


When you are important to another person, that person will always find a way to make time for you


I may not be the most important person in your life, I just hope that when you hear my name, you smile and say “That’s My Friend!”


I still love you, but it doesn’t matter to you anymore.


What to do When you feel you are not important to someone

Many people maintain the relationship only when there is some gain for them, the moment they find that there is no gain in the relationship, they move on with someone else where there is some gain. Most of the people we know in our life are not important as we think. We give unnecessary important to people who do not deserve to be in our life and end up being in misery. One of the major cause is found to be the lack of understanding of friendship and companionship and where to draw the line between them.

Many people cannot differentiate between companionship and friendship. Companionship is depending on someone in monetary ways but friendship is depending on them to satisfy our emotional needs. When you are not important to someone, but they become very much important, you become dependent on them. Any relationship without inter dependency would break up.

Alana Conner, PhD, is a cultural psychologist talks about Conflicts That Make Us Who We Are and moving from independence to interdependence.

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Comments to When you are not important to someone quotes

  • I am adding reply from Christoper for similar question in quora.
    Empty, that’s what you are. For some reason you think you need to give something to someone before they will like you and your cup is empty. You lack social skills with the opposite sex because you never made it a priority in your life.

    So, you need to change your life. You need to get out of your shell. Join something, anything that interests you. The chess club, a meetup, whatever interests you. The moment you walk in the door you’ll have something in common with everyone in the room. That will make meeting people easier. Once you do that, things will fall into place for you over a short period of time

    Prabakaran Thirumalai February 26, 2017 10:48 AM
  • I am not important to anyone. I feel irritated with this feeling. What should I do?

    Whattodo February 26, 2017 10:46 AM

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