Money Quotes Without economy will be poor

Without economy none can be rich, and with it few will be poor. picture quote


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Economy Quotes

Without economy none can be rich, and with it few will be poor.

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Without economy, none can be rich Quote Meaning

Meaning about the quote on money: In this capitalist economy, many people become rich leaving the poor behind. Economy divides the people and creates who have and who have not.

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Without economy, none can be rich, and with it, few will be poor

Author: Samuel Johnson.

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Everyone in this world requires other’s help in leading their life. It is practically not possible for any individual to lead a life in this world without other’s help. Everyone cannot have everything every time. So seeking help from others and offering help to others is a basic need in this society.

Farmer requires clothes. Cloth makers require food. In this sophisticated world, it is impossible to make everything one needs, all by himself. Whatever one makes needs to be exchanged with others such that every basic need of everybody is met. This is the beginning of economy and commerce.

If everybody has to make all their basic needs, the value of the material produced will be same. When the value of the product is same, there is not rich and poor in the society. But in current society, the value of every product varies. Moreover, marketing and advertisements increase the perceived value of the product by multi-folds by utilizing human weakness and novelty seeking behavior. This creates the rich and poor in the society.

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