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Never spend your money before you have it picture quote

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Spending Money Quote

Never spend your money before you have it

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Never spend your money Quote Meaning

The biggest economic collapse of 2008 is attributed mainly to the irresponsible debt expansion in the United States. People spent money before earning it, and banks gave loans to the general public without checking whether they have the ability to repay the money. These quotes about money reiterate that to have a happy life; one needs to earn first and then spent the money. Don’t spend the money you are yet to earn.

Prudence on Money Quote by Thomas Jefferson. Don’t take the loan to get what you want. Debt trap will catch you and keep you under its belt forever. You will never be able to get out of this trap. Earn the money before you spend it. If your parent promises you $100 on your birthday, don’t borrow money today and spend it expecting that you can repay the money when you get that $100 from your parents.

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Never spend your money before you have it

Author : Thomas Jefferson

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