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I recall having an interesting conversation with my friend about thinking and mastering any skill before he launched this website. Here is the conversation that went on between us:

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“You have been traveling from home to office and back for many years. During the journey, your mind is filled with a lot of thoughts,  but you manage to find yourself at office or home, at the end. You never go wrong with the route. Have you wondered why?” He went on to explain how the route is hard wired in my brain due to the number of years I have traveled the same path. Following the road became an unconscious thought process without having to put in any real efforts. This unconscious knowledge came from the experience of going by the same route for many years.

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I remembered the above conversation while reading a story about one of the Master’s in the book ‘Mastery’ by Robert Greene. It is the story of mastering skill about the Hall of Famer, Bill Bradley. Bill Bradley was suited for basketball only in height. He was slow, couldn’t jump, and had no feel for the game. But he loved the game. So he devised the most grueling practice schedule where he practiced three or more hours after school, on weekends, put weights in his shoes, and taped cardboard to the bottom of his glasses so he could dribble without seeing the ball. He practiced improving dribbling, passing, rebounding, almost all of the skills essential to the game. And slowly, he transformed himself into a skilled, fantastic, basketball player. People who watched him play thought that he was naturally gifted but never knew how he overcame the limitations by working hard at the basketball court!

Bill Bradley teaches that the key to master any skill is hard work that involves practice, perseverance, and consistency. Whether it’s the skill of negotiation or even learning a new language, if one does consistent practice with perseverance, the hard work will transform the individual from novice to expert level.

There are two types of people in this world. 98% of the people fall in the first category who always try to impress people with their limited knowledge. They demonstrate they know it all attitude, as they are afraid to admit that they do not have expertise on the subject. They don’t use the words “I don’t Know”. But the other category of people, who are mere 2% of the population is interested in learning and mastering their skills. They enjoy knowing and doing things than showing things. Their focus is on seeking knowledge and finding efficient ways of doing things.

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Steady practice of a skill ensures that the talent becomes hard wired. It becomes an unconscious process and appears effortless. The next time when you think of giving up or not taking up a task since you lack the skills read about masters and they have been through to achieve mastery in their respective fields. Real stories serve the dose of inspiration required to move forward when you have hit the road block!

“Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose”.
-G.K. Nielson.

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