Mango tree Story about positive attitude

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Mango tree story about positive attitude

Story about positive attitude:

Once teacher who lived in the forest had two disciples. Among them, one had a very good positive attitude towards life, and he sought out excellent points from something he observed even though the other student sees only the negative aspect of what he encounters in his life.
One beautiful day, the teacher went out to a park with his disciples, and while wandering the garden, they came across a mango tree from which some ripe and juicy mangoes had been hanging.
On seeing this, the teacher wanted to test the attitude of each of his students. Thus, he called both of them beside him and asked them to observe the tree of mangoes. Then, he asked the first student, “My dear youngster, what do you think about this mango tree. What are your thoughts?”The first disciple answered immediately, “Teacher, in spite of people today hitting this tree with stones, it offers us sweet and juicy mangoes. It feels hurt when stones are thrown at it but nonetheless it provides us with fruits. I want all human beings to understand this important message from the mango tree – to share their belongings even when they have to suffer a bit for doing that.”
Following that, the teacher asked the same query towards the other disciple, “My dear student, what comes to your mind when you see this mango tree?” The student aggressively answered, “Master, this mango tree is not so great, and it can not give any mangoes by itself. Only when we hit it with stones, it gives us mangoes. Hence, we must wallop it with the stones to get sweet mangoes from it. That is the only approach to get these mangoes. It truly is also evident from this tree that so as to get great fruits from other people; we should be violent and only when we come to be violent, they will give their good things to us”.
The teacher was delighted by the answer provided by the very first student simply because he had an excellent vision with a positive attitude. He was able to appreciate the tree with constructive approach when the other student answer dissatisfied him mainly because he saw the tree with negative attitude. He showered his blessings on the first disciple wholeheartedly.

A positive attitude will always lead to positive outcome

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So my dear friends, this story about positive attitude teaches us that despite the fact that the scenario is very same, the attitude nevertheless is determined by how we interpret it, which shows our mental attitude and also the way we feel for others.

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