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It is better of course to know useless thing than to know nothing. picture quote

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Seneca Knowledge quote about know nothing

It is better of course to know useless thing than to know nothing.

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It is better of course to know useless thing Quote Meaning

There is famous proverb which says even the smallest of the stick can help you to remove the dirt in the tooth. If you know nothing, you are good for nothing. But you know something; then it will be useful to you at some point in your life. So it is better to know something than nothing even if the something is useless now.

Do you think, all trees which do not give any fruit or nuts are considered useless? If so, read this story of a useless tree.

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It is better, of course, to know useless thing than to know nothing

Author: Seneca

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Moral story on useless knowledge quotes

Two people started out an expedition to the nearby village by walk. It was peak summer season, so they packed necessary drinking water and started. They both walked for 2 hours in a single stretch, and they got exhausted. Also, it was around 1 PM, so it was too hot and tired. Luckily they saw a big banyan tree close to the road and decided to take rest for some time before proceeding their journey. They threw themselves on the ground to rest in its shade.

While they were resting under the tree, one man looked at the tree and told that this tree is useless. It does not bear any fruit or nuts for people to eat. Also, the branches are too curvy, and so it cannot be even used to make timbers for making furniture.

Hearing the conversation, the tree became angry and responded to the stranger under the tree that they can rest now only because of it. Otherwise, they would have burnt in the hot sun. The tree advised those people not to consider anything waste in this world. It is useful in many ways, but you just don’t know how it is useful. Don’t underestimate others; even a small stick can help you take the dirt out of our mouth.

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