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How much time as parents did we dedicate to teach kids responsibility? Before thinking about the time we spend to make them responsible, we have to retrospect ourselves first to see if we are responsible for our actions. We as parents are not much different from our children as we also have the habit of blaming others for the situations we encounter in our life. This article gives you tips on how to teach your kids to be responsible for their actions. Instead of finding someone to pass on the blame, if we have cultivated a habit of looking inside ourselves to see the solution. Irresponsible parents miss out their opportunity to influence their children’s future. When you think about your past life experience, what do you think that gave you a deep sense of satisfaction. Was it putting things off or taking things up? Was it achieving success by accepting your responsibility or being mediocre by blaming others? Below is my quick list of ways to teach your kids to be responsible.

1. Do as I say, not as I do

Do not teach your children by telling what they need to do, instead, do what you want them to learn.  Kids who learn watching others behavior, get it strongly as they get assimilated in their subconscious mind compared to listening advice which gets mostly neglected from the conscious mind itself. If you are irresponsible by slipping your personal responsibilities, spending money before you earn it, dropping them late in the school, outsource babysitting to housemaid or TV. How can you expect your child to learn the value of being responsible?

2. Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations

Set clear family rules so that you kid understand what to do and what not to do.  The most important thing in disciplining your kid is make sure that you set aside time to come up with rules according to the age of your child and make them understand. It could be something like placing the toothbrush back in the couch, play outdoor games only an hour a day, smiling and greeting when meeting elders, etc.

3. Praise for taking up responsibility

Children learn by mimicking what parents do at home.  When you notice that they act responsibly by mimicking you, don’t forget to praise them for those efforts. Praise and rewards would motivate them to be self-responsible. This technique not only teaches kids responsibility but motivates children to be more responsible.

4. Don’t blame for their mistakes

Think about how you reacted when your kids took self-responsibility. If you scold or punish them for making mistakes while taking self-responsibility, they would stop taking responsibility. Let’s say your child spills milk when they try to pour in the glass. If you respond in anger, it treats that as rejection when it sees your frustration.  Many Psychiatrists say that child learns to avoid taking self-responsibility when they hear harsh words or see your serious face. 

5. Make them earn for their entertainment

Many parents today buy whatever their kids ask because of their guilty feeling of not spending time with them. I have seen many kids in this generation who have both parents working being wholly irresponsible in their life. Instead of giving them the toys they need, ask them to do small work in exchange for money or toys. Insist them to save their earning to buy the toys they want.

Feel free to add the techniques you use to encourage your kids to take up the responsibility.

Many children after losing their things say that “It got lost.” The day your kid says ‘I lost it’ instead of “It got lost” is the day you can cheer up that you have done your responsibility as a parent.

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