Woodcutter gifted for his honesty quote

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people. picture quote

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Honesty is Expensive Gift Quote

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people.

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Honesty is a very expensive gift Quote Meaning

Honesty would be rated as one of the ultimate virtue to be happy in life. If someone practices this virtue, all others automatically fall upon you.  Not everyone in this world is honest, but the ones that are..they have high regard in the society. People who do not have honestly are the cheap people in this world.

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Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people

Author : Warren Buffett

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Woodcutter and goddess Honesty Moral Story

There was an honest woodcutter in a small village who made this living by cutting woods in the nearby forest. He had magnificent personality attributes such as honesty and truthfulness. He uses an iron woodcutter for cutting the woods in the forest. One fine day, as usual, he went to the forest to cut the woods. When we are cutting a branch which was on top of the lake, he missed his axe while cutting. By accident, his wood axe fell into the lake. He went near the lake and found that the water is too deep. He was worried that he won’t be able to get his axe from the lake. He started crying. A goddess appeared from the lake and asked him why is he worried and what made him cry. He explained the goddess whatever happened there when he was cutting the tree.Goddess told the woodcutter that she would help him get that.  She gets into the water and then comes up with a brand new gold wood axe. Gold Axe was shining and glittering. Goddess asked him whether it was his axe. The man told her that it wasn’t his axe. So, She gets into the lake again & comes back with a Silver Axe. He again says that is was not this axe. Now, the third time she comes up with his wood axe & he identifies it correctly saying that is his axe. Goddess is impressed with the honesty of the woodcutter and his truthfulness. She gave all the three axes to the woodcutter as a gift to him.
Hearing this story, another woodcutter became greedy and wanted to get the gold axe. He went and purposefully dropped his axe into the lake. He started crying so that goddess would come to rescue his axe. She appeared after some time and came up with a gold axe. The greedy woodcutter told that the gold axe is the one he lost in the lake. Goddess got angry with the dishonesty of that person and told him that she is not going to help the woodcutter to get his real axe and disappeared. The greedy woodcutter lost his axe and came back realizing his

Moral of the Honesty Story

If you are honest, you will receive everything in your life. If you are greedy, you might lose what you have got.

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