How to work harder to commit suicide

Work and you'll get what you need, work harder and you will get what you want. picture quote

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Work Harder Quotes

Work and you'll get what you need, work harder and you will get what you want.

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Work harder and you will get what you want Quote Meaning

There is a big difference between what you need and what you want. What you need is easily obtained by doing some work. But to get what you want, you have to work harder to get it. Our survival instincts guide us to get what we need, motivation is required to get what you want in your life.

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Work and you’ll get what you need, work harder and you will get what you want.

Author: Prabakaran Thirumalai

There are many ways of committing suicide but one way, not conspicuous because not so violent, is to thwart one’s own growth through negligence and laziness. This becomes all the more tragic when opportunities which come one’s way are not taken advantage of, and the talents with which one is born are allowed to wither away. The loss is as much personal as well as social, for talented men and women not giving to society what they are capable of giving leave it poor than what it would otherwise have been. However, how frustrated the talented individuals themselves must feel when they discover, perhaps too late, they have not done as well so they might have if only they had tried hard enough. The frustration becomes all the more bitter when they find lesser men and women have gone far ahead of them.

This leads to the question if talents are at all necessary and if industry alone is not enough to guarantee success in life. One is in this connection reminded of Carlyle’s comment that genius is the capacity to take infinite pains. If the secret of success is hard work, what are talents for then?. Are talents just myth?

No doubt talents, where they exist are a great asset but the point to stress is that talents by themselves cannot take a man far but that he must work harder to nurture those talents till they come to full fruition. To begin with, no one knows for certain what talents one possess; one has to try one’s hand at many things and by doing so discover the particular area in which one can excel most. In fact, one never knows oneself enough; one has to explore into oneself to discover what powers on possesses. To others, as even to oneself, these powers remain hidden; one discovers them only when one starts working, doing whatever one is called upon to do. It may be that what one is required to do is apparently trivial, but even a trivial act becomes important when it is done with a seriousness of purpose, with love, as if one is doing it for a noble cause. When one so acts, one unfolds himself, one reveals dimensions to one’s personality no one had suspected before. How unfair one often is to oneself when one thinks one is worthless, often influenced by other’s uncharitable remarks or evidence which is not well tested.

Indeed, it is a very sad spectacle to see a promising young person neglect himself, allowing his gifts to languish from sheer laziness and lack of self-confidence. Whereas he might have earned the much well-deserved distinction in his field and contributed much to society also, he remains an inconspicuous and inconsequential mediocrity. To the extent it is deliberate, it is as if one is committing suicide.

What is the remedy? The remedy is to know for certain, that one can do wonders if only he tries. There is hardly anything in life which is fortuitous. Even if such a thing exists, one should refuse to depend on upon it but concentrate on one’s efforts. One must deserve what one gets. Otherwise, one has no right to claim it as one’s own. Opportunities do come one’s way some time or other; not to take advantage of them is to hurt oneself, may be with no hope of a possible repair. One who so hurts oneself is equivalent to committing suicide.

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