What we teach our children without our awareness

Recommend to your children virtue, that alone can make them happy not glad. picture quote

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Happy Parenting Quote

Recommend to your children virtue, that alone can make them happy not glad.

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Recommend to your children virtue Quote Meaning

Teach you children virtue by telling them many moral stories about virtues. This is the only thing you can do to make their life happy. Author Beethoven.

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Recommend to your children virtue, that alone can make them happy not glad.

Author : Beethoven

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We teach our children more things without our awareness than we teach them consciously. Below is the list of attitudes and behavior we teach our children which later becomes their personality.

1. Withdrawal

The child learns to withdraw from the situation because of warnings they receive from their parents to keep away from things in their childhood. Don’t get involved, thinks the driver who passes an accident where injured persons are lying on the highway. Let’s get on with it by paying bribe, thinks the father while getting admission for school. Withdrawal of this kind is taught by parents who are careful and frightened and are often withdrawn themselves.

Shyness causes another kind of withdrawal. Shy people project that they are so weak so that no one dares to attack them verbally or physically. Boys are regarded as ‘sensitive’ and girls are regarded as ‘precious’. These kids are not asked to do difficult things. At every home, one kid is always pampered and not allowed to do anything. Passivity is another form of withdrawal wherein which you indirectly force others to take up the responsibility either by postponing or by delegating it to others.

2. Intimidation

Man protect himself by toughness. Mess with me and you will have a different face in a different place. Children learn from what they see. Parents who solve problems with their voice and hands teach violent solutions to their children. Some people may win by intimidation, but what they win is usually not friends.

3. Ritual

Rituals whether personal or corporate are powerful protections because they are socially agreed upon behaviors. Think of standing for the playing of the National Anthem during the fight. During the conversation, one such ritual is lighting the pipe or smoke, a time-consuming way to postpone a response to a personal question or to evade the question altogether. Smoke has been called as white noise. It screens us from others, putting distance and protection between. The visual reasons for smoking are not often considered. If you are smoker, do you think you would enjoy smoking in the dark?. Another common ritual is taking off the one’s glass. When someone takes off his spectacle, he is about to unload a statement that he is either afraid of or unsure of or embarrassed to say. Some people use sex to avoid intimacy.

All the above, withdrawal, intimidation, and ritual protects us from other persons. The problem is that they also rob us from strokes. Stroking comes from people, and it is they whom we push away by the above protections. Living this way is like living in a fort where the entrances were boarded up and sandbagged before the supplies were taken on. We won’t last long. Many people live a lifetime hiding the dwindling treasures of their lives behind ferocious exteriors, all the while cursing the world so lacking in love.

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