Hatred we bear on our enemies injures whom?

The hatred we bear our enemies injures their happiness less than our own. picture quote


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Hatred Injures Happiness Quotes

The hatred we bear our enemies injures their happiness less than our own.

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The hatred we bear our enemies Quote Meaning

By hating your enemies, your enemies do not suffer. You are the one who are distressed and weaken your health and happiness. Forgive and Forget your enemies not to let your enemies live happily but to safeguard your happiness. Author Petit Senn.

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The hatred we bear our enemies injures their happiness less than our own.

Author :  Petit Senn

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Hate the culture or religion but not the people who follow it. Hatred consumes half of the poison it creates says a great philosopher. The moment you hate somebody, you spoil your sleep, eating, blood flow, breathing, mental condition, etc. Hatred we bear on our enemies injures us more than our enemy. You do not get proper sleep in the night and cannot eat well. You are mentally disturbed and fall sick. High blood pressure and heart diseases are mainly caused by the hatred we bear on others. All doctors accept the fact that hatred causes heart diseases.

Jealousy causes hatred. Inferiority complex causes hatred. Low self-esteem causes inferiority complex. Work on yourself improves your personality which indirectly improves your health and life. Every minute you think about the person you hate is a waste of your time and energy. The only thing which happens because of your hatred we bear on our enemies is that our energy is drained. You must understand that being hatred is losing part of your life on something which does not get you anything positive in your life. Don’t allow anyone to spoil your mental peace.

One day, a great emperor went out to find out the status of his citizens in his kingdom. He found an old person on the way and inquired about him. He asked, “Who are you?”.

The old man responded that “I am the king.” The emperor got confused and asked him which kingdom is under his rule. The old man replied that “It is him who is under his rule. I am the king of myself, and I am the only citizen in my kingdom”. This opened eyes of the emperor and emperor employed self-discipline in his kingdom.

We lower our standards by hating the people who hate us. I have seen people who hate another person because of some particular behavior, but they are completely unaware that they have the very same behavior.

The easy way to forgive and forget our enemies is to lose ourselves in a bigger task than us. When you are running towards a greater goal, you won’t have time for little things such as hatred, revenge, etc. We would not like to spend our energy in quarreling and fighting with others on unnecessary things.

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