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I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past. picture quote


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Dream about better future quote

I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

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I like the dreams of the future Quote Meaning

Learning the past history does not do any good to us. Instead if you dream about your future, there is a better chance that your future will be bright and can make a history.

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I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

Author : Thomas Jefferson

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Dreams, Hypnosis, and Meditation

Freud’s concept of dreaming is an unconscious attempt to fulfill needs mainly related to sex and aggregation that cannot be expressed. He also thinks that a dream’s surface content contains symbols that distort and disguise the dream’s true meaning. If we know the underlying meaning of the hidden content from the dream, it is possible to know about our unconscious feelings.

Dreaming can be understood by relying on the same concepts that are used in studying the wakeful mind. That is dreaming involves, information processing, memory and problem solving. The cognitive theory of dreaming involves little or no search for the hidden content. Neuroscientists think that dreams reflect the brain’s effort to make sense out of the neural activity that places during sleep. When we are awake and alert, the contents of our conscious experience tend to be driven by external stimuli that result in specific motor behavior. During sleep, the, however, conscious experience is driven by internally generated stimuli that have not an apparent behavioral consequence. A key element in this internal stimulation is the spontaneous neural activity in the reticular formation of the limbic system, at the base the brain.


Hypnosis is state of altered attention and awareness, in which the individual is unusually receptive to suggestions. You can get a hypnotherapy certification in no time, basic hypnotic techniques have been used with various religious ceremonies, magic and other supernatural activities. A common misconception is that the hypnotic state is much like a sleep state. Unlike people in sleep, hypnotized people are aware of what is happening and remember the experience later, unless they are instructed to forget what happened. EEG studies show that individuals in hypnotic state show a predominance and alpha and beta waves which characterizes to relaxed waking state.

Hypnosis mental state is a special divided state of consciousness, in which one follows the hypnotist’s command and the other acts as a hidden observer.

Hypnosis is widely used in medicine, criminal investigations and in sports. Hypnosis is also being used in alcoholism, smoking, suicidal tendencies, overeating, etc. A lot of research and clinical practice on the field of hypnosis clearly had demonstrated that hypnosis can reduce the experience the pain. It is mainly used to enhance people’s ability to accurately recall forgotten events. For example, police department hypnotize the eyewitness to improve their recall of the crime event.


Meditation refer to achieving the altered state of consciousness by performing certain exercises like regulating breathing, restricting attention, taking yogic postures, etc. This leads to a pleasant, mildly altered subjective state in which the individual feels mentally and physically relaxed. Meditation may reduce arousal for people suffering from anxiety and tension.

Types of meditation:

Opening up meditation: A Person cleans his mind in order to receive new experiences. The goal is to relax completely and let go of one’s mind and body by stepping out of stream of ever changing thoughts and feelings.

Concentrative Meditation : A person focuses is thoughts on one thing. The aim is to concentrate on one object. Concentrate does not mean analyzing different aspects of the objects; rather trying to see the object as itself, without connecting to other things. After a few session of concentrated meditation, people typically report a number of effects such as altered perception of the object. This experience is pleasant and rewarding.

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