Forgiveness Quotes cannot forgive and forget

If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one. picture quote

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Forgive and Forget Quote

If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.

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If you can’t forgive and forget Quote Meaning

To be happy, don’t carry your grudge. Hatred harms your health more than it harms the person you hate. Instead, forgive and forget about the incident. If you cannot do both, do either one of them, you will still be happy. If you cannot forgive, it turns into revenge and if you cannot forget it acts a roadblock to your progress and development unnecessarily occupying your things.

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If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.

Author : Robert Brault

Quotation Reference :

When Jesus Christ was sitting alone, a group of men who belong to Jews chased one woman. They threw stones at her. She came to Jesus Christ to the rescue. One man among the group told Jesus that she is a prostitute, and they caught her red handed and chased her to punish her for the sin. Jesus asked the women to forgive and forget whatever happened in the past and start new life. The women agreed to do so.

Jesus upon listening to them asked all the people who have not committed any sin to come forward and punish the woman by throwing stones at her. The crowd slowly dispersed as no one in the crowd did not commit a crime. Jesus advised the woman not to indulge in such activity.

No one in this world has not committed any mistake or sin. Every one commits mistake at some circumstances in their life. Punishment and reminding the ill doings of person is not going to change him completely into a new person. Forgive and forget their mistakes and allow them to move on with their life. When your friends and neighbors commit a sin, it is your responsibility to correct their mistakes and not to neglect and disrespect them.

One day Buddha was giving a speech to people living in a village. One person from that village came forward and spit on Buddha’s face. He left to his home but could not sleep that day because of this. After few days, he realized his mistake. He came to Buddha and told him
“Excuse me for the mistake I have done.”

Buddha replied, “What have you done?”. He told that he had spit on his face few days back.
Buddha having attitude to forgive and forget everything said, “I have wiped that as soon you spit on my face.”

The one who lives without jealousy, revenge, anger, hatred in their mind lives a peaceful and happy life as they have the capacity to forgive others. The mind which does not allow you to forgive others does not allow you to live for yourself.

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