Feeling Quotes about some people feel the rain others just get wet

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. picture quote

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Some people feel the rain Quote

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

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Some People feel the rain Quote Meaning:

This famous Bob Marley Quotes about Feeling talks about people who live in the comfort zone. People who are scared to come out of their comfort zone, cannot get the true feeling about the happenings around them. Some people feel the rain and some people have no feelings; they just get wet in the rain. Mindfulness helps you to feel the rain, and if you busy doing something, you may not be able to feel the rain.

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Some people feel the rain; others just get wet.

Author: Bob Marley

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Roger Miller is the one who popularized this quote.

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Feeling is very personal and not everybody feels the same in a particular situation. This is encapsulated in this feeling rain quote. When it rains, not all can enjoy the rain. It depends on the attitude of that person towards the rain and the current mood of the individual. Only people who love rain gets the feeling, rest all just get wet, and there is no change caused in them by the rain.

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  1. I love the rain makes me feel alive. I went this past Sunday. I saw it was getting dark and cloudy it was starting to sprinkle. when I went for my walk I could have turn back but I did not I get going then downpour came I was laughing singing and enjoying my time in the rain makes you feel free.

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