Get out of your fence and face the fear

Fear is the highest fence picture quote

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Highest Fence Quote

Fear is the highest fence

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Explanation about fear Quote Meaning:

The highest fence for all the happiness in the life is our fear. Get out of your fence and cross them, you get closer to your happiness. One should come out of his fear and explore the world. The basis of growth which is knowledge and experience happens only one thinks of getting out of his erroneous zones. When you stretch yourself, you know what your strengths are. Most of the time, fear is just our thought but in reality, there may not be any monster which mandates the fear.

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Fear is the highest fence.

Author: Dudley Nichols

Quotation Reference:

Story of Crab’s fear

Long long ago, so long ago there were three crabs. Daddy crab, Mummy crab, and Infant crab. These crabs live in a pool and know everything about the pool but know nothing about other places in that area. They lived like a frog in the well and fear to get out of their fence.

They lived in a rock pool in the seaside. Twice each day, the tide would strike and refill their rock pool with fresh seawater.

One day the baby crab asked, “What is there on the other side of the rock pool?”

“Danger there, Don’t get out of your fence area?” Daddy crab replied you would find seagulls as well as other dangerous animals that would harm you or eat you.”

Child crab stated. “Oh is it. I wish to see those animals.”

Mummy crab got scared and replied “No you need to remain right here. You do not wish to go exploring; you may get lost.”

But Infant crab was a blue crab and has no fear, he waited until his parents had been asleep below their rocks and also the tide was in and after that, he walked sideways towards the other side of the rock pool. He slipped, and all of a sudden fell into next pool.

He looked around, and there had been red colored animals sitting on rocks waving. He waved back.

The red animals just continued waving. Baby crab became happy, and as he is not feared of the red beast, he went near and touched the red arm. The arms all of a sudden shot inside. Initially, though it got scared, it came out of its fear and waited for some time.

“Hello,” he stated. The red waving animals continued to ignore him.

All of a sudden he realized that he was all alone and also the red waving animals no longer looked friendly they looked scary. “Mum, Dad,” he murmured, but there was no reply. All of a sudden he saw a big orange animal move steadily towards him.

At the same time, mother crab when she woke up the following morning got scared after seeing her son missing and out of fear it went to father crab and shouted
“Where’s my infant?”

“I’ll ask the barnacles?” Daddy crab stated. He went to the nearest group of barnacles. “Hey barnacles, did you see our son the last evening?”

“No; we’ve been filter-feeding all evening,” Barnacle told.

“I have noticed him go into the next pool,” 1 barnacle stated. “I’m not facing that way; I only saw him out the corner of my eye.”

“Hmm, I’ll go and try to get my son.”

He sidled back to Mummy crab. “One of the barnacles thinks he may have noticed him wander into the next rock pool.”

“That’s where….”

“Yes, that is exactly where the starfish lives.”

“You need to go and get him.” Mummy crab stated the father crab.

“Yes. wait right here, check out for seagulls. As it is no longer higher tide, I’m going to get him from there.”

“Well be cautious. ” told the feared mommy crab.

“Love you,” stated Daddy crab as he walked towards the edge of the rock pool.”

Cautiously maintaining an eye out for seagulls, he left their pool and jumped into the next reservoir.

He saw some red animals. Exactly it was a starfish and more importantly, he located his son.

All of a sudden there was a shout of “Dad,”

Daddy crab saw his son run towards him. “Son we had been worried, your mother is concerned about you. She is in panic.”

“Sorry dad, I wanted to check out what was beyond our rock pool.”

“Ah son, we by no means told you, but there’s a starfish that lives right here. He can eat you.”

“The starfish will not hurt you. He’s my buddy.” the infant crab exclaimed.

“Now do not be silly son, we cannot be buddies with starfish, they’ve only got five legs. We’ve eight. Come back with me; we’ll need to go fast because there may be seagulls around.”

“Will the seagulls be my buddy?”

“No, the seagulls will eat you when you go near to them.”

“Bye,” shouted Infant crab to the starfish and left with his daddy.

Daddy crab was all of a sudden conscious of an orange arm waving back.

The two crabs walked back towards the edge of the rock pool.

Daddy crab watched all around the pool; there were no seagulls. “Right now son, run, run as quick you can. Do not look back we have to move quickly as we do not wish to be eaten by seagulls.

Infant crab ran out from the rock pool, more than the rocks and back into his house pool and the welcoming claws of his mother. “Ah son, “ Mummy crab stated, she would have had a tear in her eye, but because she was currently in water she didn’t.

“I am so glad to see you back. Where’s your father?”

“I’m right here.” Daddy crab replied.

“Now do not ever do that once more, not till you’re a giant crab and in a position to provide a seagull a nasty nip.” Mummy crab scolded.

“I will not,” stated Infant crab.
If the child crab did not go out of his pool, he would have feared about the other side of the pool and the starfish for his lifetime. He came out of his fear and got a friend.

Get out of your fence to face the fear. Only when you get out of your comfort zone, you will overcome your fear and achieve something worthwhile in your life. People who achieved success would have got out of their fence many times during their travel towards success. If they allow their fear to failure to occupy their mind they wouldn’t have got out of the fence and touched the success.

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