When In doubt choose kids there will be plenty of time later to choose work

When In doubt choose kids there will be plenty of time later to choose work. picture quote

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Choose Kids Quote

When In doubt choose kids there will be plenty of time later to choose work.

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When In doubt choose kids there will be plenty of time Quote Meaning: 

Anna Quindlen about kids and working hard. Many parents choose to spend their time to earn more money by working hard and neglect their kids. After some years kids will grow up and will not spend time with us if we don’t do it when they are kids.

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When In doubt choose kids there will be plenty of time later to choose work.

Author : Anna Quindlen


Inspiring story of Tom

Tom was a mechanic, and he spent a lot of time in his workshop, that he could hardly take his meal along with his wife and their young children. During the evenings, he went to courses, in search of more knowledge, which would help him later to get a much better paying job. Tom‘s housewife frequently complained that he’s not spending sufficient time with them, but his only answer was that he is doing all this hard work for the family. He told that “I work hard so that all the family members can have the necessary things that they want“.
After Tom had finished his examinations, he received a better job which gave him an attractive salary, which was considerably greater than what he had before. So now Tom could deliver his family members with much more highly priced clothing and comforts, some luxury products or vacations in foreign destinations. It was like a dream come true for him, but the family members nonetheless didn’t get sufficient time, interest and care from Tom, as he still continued to work pretty tight. He could not get quality family time to spend with his family members for many days. Sometimes he did not see his family for many days because of his rat race. Time passed, and Tom‘s worked hard, and it paid off, he was promoted again. He decided to relieve his wife of domestic duties, so he hired a maid at home. He also thought that their flat isn’t sufficient for their household, and they want an additional spacious room to dump all the things they had bought with the excess money obtained by working hard. Therefore, it became necessary for Tom to perform hard work in the office, he continued his research, to ensure that he could be promoted once more.Family Time Quotes about convenience

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Family time quote on priority

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Tom worked so hard that often he even had to invest his Sundays with his customers rather than his wife and young children. And once again, anytime household asked for his time and complained that he doesn’t spend sufficient time with each other, he answered, that he was undertaking all this only for their family. A little later Tom was promoted, so he could acquire a spacious property near the beach. At their new residence, Tom told his wife and his children, that now he decided not to take any research and move away from any hard work and challenging tasks, to ensure that he could devote extra time to his beloved ones. The subsequent morning Tom didn’t wake up and passed away. It is the life of many people in this technologically advanced world. Wake up early or else there won’t be a chance for you to wake up.

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