How King William converted failure to motivate his soldiers

Failure is a detour not dead end street. picture quote

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Failure Quotes on Detour

Failure is a detour not dead end street.

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Failure is a detour Quote Meaning

King William wanted to conquer England. When he went with his troops and landed on the shore with his soldiers, he slipped and fell on the sea shore. All these troop soldiers started murmuring about the bad fate. But King William picked some sand when he fell and exclaimed that “I have captured England’s soil the moment I landed in it.” and made it a good start for the war. They started thinking about the victory in their mind and as a result, they won the war and finally captured England. See how he converted his failure into success and led his army to victory.

If a person is afraid to travel by air because of accidents, he could not even walk on the walkway. Let’s say somebody is affected by a severe disease and it requires an operation which may cure the patient by 95%. Then he should not think about the consequences and not the pain induced by the operation. He needs to undergo the surgery so that he can live peacefully and happily afterwards without any pain.

Often people think that failure is dead end and return back without trying hard. People who see that as detour and take another road will definitely lead to success. Failures wake you up and guides that the road you have taken may not take you to the destination.

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Failure is a detour not dead end street.

Author : Zig Ziglar

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